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Communal Showers 2-2

I’d obviously become the “nudist” among the regulars at the pool, but my appearances there were sporadic so at no point were there people turning up specifically to see me strip off. Though my group did say that the same group of men had turned up once or twice clearly disappointed that I had not made an second appearance. They also joked that I should just save time and leave my suit at home, probably not realising how much I would love to do just that… I agreed with them that it sounded like a fantastic idea, but nodding towards the floor to ceiling windows indicated I might end up causing a few accidents in the carpark.

Just for fun I let slip during our conversation that I’d be finishing work early the following Thursday so I’d be able to go shopping before stopping by the pool. It passed without comment but oddly enough during that session two of the women from my little group had brought their partners along and introduced us. I was blushing a little as they did this since it was obvious from their eyes that I had been mentioned at home and the people who had brought them were not entirely strangers.

However, being discrete I chatted to the girls in between laps and asked “it’s not going to be a problem if I shower off as usual this evening, is it?” to which they laughed, responding their boys would probably be disappointed if I didn’t. So, after our swim session we all headed to the showers and since there were one or two people I did not recognise I made sure they were okay about me stripping off.

So still facing the wall in my usual spot I removed my suit and turned on the water, the group I swam with and their partners had chosen the bank of shower heads opposite. I could hear them laugh at their partner’s reactions when they realised it had not been a windup and I was now standing naked in front of them.

Usually we talked a little while showering but they would be standing next to me, I soon cottoned on to the fact they were purposely asking questions so I would briefly turn my torso towards the person asking, flashing my breasts at their partners. I decided to play along for a while, though the questions certainly stopped when I bent over slightly as I rinsed out my hair.

Really, I’d finished showering but instead stated “no point in twisting round every few seconds” and turned my back to the wall so their partners could have a proper look at the pools token nudist. They had clearly not expected me to do that since despite being naked I was usually very discrete with it. I happily stood under the running water and continued my conversation while their partners enjoyed the show.

After a few minutes, had passed I picked up my costume and the two women followed me into the changing room, as soon as we were behind the privacy wall we burst out laughing, one of them giving me a quick slap on the bottom saying “Show off!” I just responded “Hey, you brought them for a reason, probably the first time they’ve been swimming in years”.

It did however give me the idea that if I had someone to talk to opposite I would have a reason to face outwards, something that Julie has occasionally helped out with.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist