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Communal showers 2-4

My adventures at that particular pool came to an end when it had to be shut down for repairs and renovations. When it eventually opened back up they had modernised the changing facilities, and with private showers inside the segregated areas which was no fun at all.

However, on the final night before the closure we chatted about the proposed changes while relaxing at the side of the pool between laps. One of the group commented quite a few people would be disappointed their resident nudist would be hidden away, to which another brought up the older topic that I should have just saved time each week by leaving the suit at home.

It was approaching the end of the session and I grinned mischievously as I agreed it would have saved a lot of time. Looking around there was only one lifeguard present and they were clearly not paying attention to us, so I looked around nervously and said “let’s see if anyone would have noticed?” and ducked under the water while I removed my suit.

The group were in stitches as I floated naked a metre or so away with my chest below the water line. The lifeguard looked in our direction but was clearly not paying too much attention so as soon as he looked away I swum back to the edge and threw my balled-up suit over by the benches so there would be no way to cover up.

One or two people had noticed and were grinning, when the lifeguard stopped paying attention, I locked my elbows into the little water trough behind us and let my body float up-to the surface with my legs apart, for a brief moment my boobs and fluff were visible above the waterline before I allowed the weight of my legs bring me back to vertical. I did this three of four times daring myself to stay above the water a little longer each time.

We were all laughing again and it took me a while before I felt controlled enough to actually move away from the wall. I asked the group “shall we get a few laps in?” and we spread out a little as we started swimming up the pool with me naked in the centre. A few people in the pool had noticed and passed the message on quietly, clearly amused. One or two were waiting until I was near before swimming under the water to have a clearer view, I loved that they seemed to be purposely waiting until I was almost past so they would be able to see between my legs as I frog kicked in my breast stroke, and I saw more than one pair of goggles exchange hands on our second lap.

We were on our third lap before we heard the inevitable lifeguards whistle and stopped swimming to see what would happen. He pointed directly at me and said “You, out of the pool!”, I just laughed and said “really?” as he clearly hadn’t thought it through but dutifully swam to the end of the pool near the guard and pulled myself onto the ledge and out the water, the late swimmers cheering as my bottom appeared above the waterline.

It was dark outside so as I stood tall in front of the well-lit windows I was putting on quite a show for anyone passing by, I quickly turned to face the pool and waved before the lifeguard passed me a towel indicating I should cover up “What are you doing? you can’t swim like that!” I was loving that everyone in the pool was watching and laughing, I just looked down and said “…like what?” to which he responded “naked, where’s your suit?”.

“Oh that, I threw it away I don’t think anyone minds too much, look” and opened the towel to flash everyone for another cheer, he tried again “look you have to wear a suit because it’s unhygienic otherwise”, which was a ridiculous argument at the best of times but I simply responded “…in the pool that is about to be closed for the next six months?”, raising my eyebrow fractionally.

Looking at his watch he realised the pool was only going to be open for another 10 minutes and could not be bothered to deal with me and pretty much said so, then held out his hand so I could return the towel to another round of whoops. I stood at the end of the pool and raised my arms to my shoulder to dive back in, and it would have been a very elegant dive had the lifeguard not decided to get their own back and gave me a very solid push between my shoulder blades to send me into the water.

As I resurfaced everyone was laughing, myself included as I swam over to re-join my group so we could complete our last few laps with the worst form ever. Finally, the lifeguard blew the whistle to end the session and I reluctantly climbed out of the pool again to collect my suit.

As we entered the communal showers red in the face I said “I hope nobody minds but… ” and did not get any further before I burst out laughing. We showered quickly and changed, knowing the pool staff wanted to be away for their closing meal.  The pool ended up taking over a year for the renovations to complete, but it was nowhere near as much fun once it had been modernised.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist