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Communal Showers 2-3

They had clearly just brought their partners along as a one off in order to see crazy naked lady they had been talking about, one mentioning that I had clearly inspired her husband that evening. We went back to showering on the same side and chatting, with most of the session regulars now quite used to be being naked. Though there was one notable occasion where I forgot to ask before stripping off and heard a startled “What the…”

I paused for a moment with my suit round my waist and quickly pulled it back over my breasts, holding it in place with one hand I turned towards the surprised patron. She was clearly not sure how to react, I just apologised saying “Oops, sorry about that! I usually ask first, I’ve an allergy to the chlorine in the pool and if I leave the suit on while I shower it leaves me covered in red marks”.

“I should have asked, the regulars here probably don’t even notice anymore. If its a problem I’ll just head into the changing area and you can give me a shout when you’re done.” She paused for a moment realising that inadvertently her initial reaction was more surprising or entertainment worthy to the group than my nudity and asked “but, there’s men here…” I just looked around and laughed politely saying “I don’t think George or Harry are too worried, besides Harry is probably more interested in George than me!”

Harry indicated that George was the only reason he came each week, causing the regulars to laugh. George was not gay but spent a lot of time in the Gym each week and could talk passionately about all aspects of musical theatre… which often gave some people the wrong impression. “Honestly, if you’re uncomfortable that’s fine… ” but she finally smiled and said “I guess it’s not a problem, just a bit of a shock to see you getting your bits out in public”.

Sensing an opportunity, I said “I really appreciate it” and she stared as standing only a few feet away I stopped holding up the front of my swimming costume and pulled it down over my hips and let it fall to the floor. I brushed the chlorinated water off my breasts with a quick sweeping motion before making eye contact again. A few people laughed but most had just gone back to showering having seen me many times before.

Smiling I said “See, it’s not that big a deal” and just to tease her a little more I wandered over to shower next to George and started a conversation about “Spamalot”, which had finally opened in the west end, so he did not have to sneak the odd peek. I’m a massive Monty Python fan but George felt rather differently which led to a very interesting conversation in which occasionally he made eye contact.

Once I’d finished showering I realised I’d left my suit on the floor next to the startled woman, so I wandered back over to collect it. She was still there having pretty much spent the past few minutes staring at my behind. I bent over at the waist and picked up my suit in one motion, letting George have a quick look between my legs which only seemed fair for being such a good sport.  Still naked I just asked if she came to the pool often, and it turned out it was her first time I introduced her to the women I usually swam with saying “Don’t worry I’m the only naked one and were all married, you should join us next time” and our little group became four strong members for the next few months.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist