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Communal Showers 2-1

I was getting heavily into my swimming again but the pool I used only had one large open communal shower for people to rinse off before getting changed in the traditionally segregated areas. I’d been going there for a few weeks and the final session of the day was nearly always all women, the men who did swim walking straight through to the changing rooms after only a few seconds under the water.

While we were swimming, I’d mentioned how by the time I got home each evening I was covered in red blotches from the chlorine, which was mainly a set up for when the lifeguard blew their whistle for us to leave the pool. As normal we all headed off into the showers and on this occasion there were only women, so I just asked “listen I really need to wash the chlorine off properly, is anyone going to be offended if I strip?”, pulling a little at my suit for emphasis.

Those that responded just smiled and said “go ahead” before returning to their own showering. So I quickly removed my suit and showered off, standing out as the only naked person in the room. It was fun to see their reactions, most just gave me a quick look over while smiling but my favourite responses were those who were pretty much staring whenever they thought I could not see.

I stood facing the wall most of the time, but turned around so I could talk with the group of friends I had been swimming with. Once I had finished showering I rinsed out my suit, rolled it up and headed off into the women’s changing room still naked. Over the next few sessions whenever it was women only I would do the same, having mentioned in the pool how it had really helped.

However, after about fortnight we had the first session where there were several men in the group too, so initially I remained suited but after a minute or so I simply walked over to them and asked “look this is going to sound odd, but my skin is really sensitive to chlorine so I really need to shower with the suit off.” You could have heard a pin drop in the room as I uttered that sentence. I could see they were about to offer to leave the showers having pretty much finished so I quickly smiled and said “if that would make you uncomfortable I can wait until you guys are done, but to be honest I’d rather just get on with it.”

They looked a little confused but readily gave their assent and I could feel them watching me as I walked back to my shower head on the opposite wall and facing away from them casually removed my suit. I could hear an audible gasp and a little laughter from some of the women, as I calmly sluiced off the chlorinated water. Really all they had been able to see at this point was my bottom, so once I’d finished showering and rinsed out my costume I turned around and said “thanks guys” heading off the changing room having gave them a brief flash of my fluff.

I’d clearly gained a little bit or a reputation as an exhibitionist for that one, but fortunately the next time I was at the pool there were only women again and I just justified things saying “the red blotches are really itchy when I’m trying to sleep, besides I haven’t got anything they won’t have seen before.” While most thought I was a little eccentric they found it funny and it really wasn’t an issue.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist