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Tanning at the campsite

Each day I’d return to my tent around 4pm, quickly strip down to my bikini and head out to bask in the afternoon sun for an hour or so. About this time there were always a lot of people sitting outside eating and talking, and a girl in a bikini did not draw too much attention. Though when I turned over onto my front and undid the straps it paused a few conversations. As people walked past they would often start conversation and I would raise myself up slightly making sure the girls were both still resting on the ground… most of the time anyway.

At first lying there almost naked was enough as few people regularly sunbathe topless in public when holidaying in the UK, but by the second afternoon I returned to my tent by placing one arm over my breasts for modesty rather than replacing the top. It made sense as in a few moments I’d be leaving the tent wearing nothing but a towel on my way to the showers, while a few people got an odd flash of my bottom if the wind picked up I did not purposely expose myself to anyone.

On the fourth day I decided to take things a little further and after I’d removed my top I reached down and undid the strings on my bottoms, bunching all the material in the middle. At first glance I was now completely naked and more than a few people commented on this, I just said I wanted to avoid tan lines which always appeased people, though the woman camping next to me commented I was going to end up with a pretty weird tan with the material off to one side like that so it clearly was not as straight as I’d thought. I jokingly responded I should just take them off since everyone can see my bum anyway, she laughed and said go for it.

We chatted for a while then she went off to the site shop before it closed, as soon as she left I looked around to make sure nobody was about to walk past then moved my legs apart and reached down to flick the material from my bottoms to the ground. So, after four days I was sunbathing naked on a public campsite and wishing I’d applied a little more sunscreen. Only one couple passed before she returned and while they did a double take on seeing me they did not pause to chat, though they did look back over their shoulders more than once. After around twenty minutes my neighbour returned and was clearly not too observant since it took her quite a while to notice the missing material. At which point she just paused mid conversation “…you actually did it?!” I laughed and said “well it made sense, besides I don’t think anyone has noticed so far…”

She smiled and we continued talking, the next couple had seen me sunbathing the previous day and I could see in their eyes it took no more than a few moments to notice my nudity. I acted casually and engaged them in conversation and it took a while before they finally commented that I’d clearly committed to not having tan lines. I just laughed saying the bottoms were not covering up that much anyway, then turned to my neighbour said “it looks like people might be paying more attention than I thought”. The neighbour clearly thought to expose me a little more to the couple so she offered me a drink which I kindly accepted, for the first time that week I fully lifted my chest off the ground as I reached out for the can… I let them look for a little while then quickly dropped back down blushing furiously saying “I did not mean to show those off”.

My company clearly found my reaction hilarious, commenting that there was not much left of me to see now to which I responded “I’d like to keep it that way thanks!”. We talked for another few minutes before they moved on, commenting I was still blushing from cheek to cheek. The tanning sessions was coming to an end and I was struggling to work out how to get back into the tent without flashing my fluff, I made a few attempts to subtly retie my bikini bottoms which was clearly noticed by my neighbour as she started laughing. In focusing on this task, I did not hear the next group of wanderers stop to chat with us, they could clearly see I was naked but pretended not to notice.

We talked a while and it was clear they had no intention of leaving and I had no intention of burning, so still talking I leaned back a bit so my boobs were exposed briefly (pausing the conversation) and deftly tied my top back in place so I was only naked from the waist down. I then reached down and holding the lower straps up rolled over onto my back, against the odds I’m pretty sure the material stayed in place allowing me to scooch down and retie the straps. Having finished my burlesque, I gave my excuses and headed into my tent to strip off and wrap a towel round me for the showers.

I continued doing this until my last day when the conversation with one of the groups got around to my white bits, and my commenting it would be fun to be able to tan my front for a while. They said my bottom was now the same colour as my legs so I really should, obviously I did not agree straight away but over the next quarter hour the conversation kept coming around to the same topic and finally I agreed. Nervously I looked around as though concerned others might see, then laughing covered my breasts as I rolled onto my back with my legs tightly together. Having quickly flashed my fluff at them I rolled back over trying to control the fits of giggles wracking my body.

My neighbour commented I would not lose the white bits that quickly, so once I managed to control the giggles I looked around again then rolled back over. My hands were still over my breasts but I relaxed my legs a little more this time. They were obviously enjoying the view but commented that with my hands in that position I would end up with some pretty strange tan lines… so after looking around again I put my hands down by my sides and looking up asked is that better? Though I do not tan much there were three very distinct white triangles on my body.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat I lay there completely naked while we talked about largely inconsequential things, their eyes rarely straying above my chest. I amused myself by casually moving my legs apart just a little but was not really showing absolutely everything. After a while they made their excuses and notably headed back towards their tent rather than whatever their original destination had been. I turned to my neighbour grinning and said “so how long will it till the next one to notice?”, she looked over and said “give it about a minute and we’ll find out…” and sure enough a young man walked by then stopped mid step staring, when we both burst out laughing he kept walking (looking back over his shoulder occasionally) I finally stopped laughing enough to say “… so about 2 seconds I think”.

I wasn’t ready to cover up quite yet so I quickly grabbed my bikini bottoms, folded them into a neat triangle and placed them on top of my fluff saying “I’m thinking 5 seconds for the next one”. It did not take long till the next person walked by and while they noticed my boobs and smiled it was obvious the camouflaged fluff had remained hidden. Waiting for the next passer-by I moved my legs a little further apart so the pink under the bottoms would be more visible.

It took three more people passing before someone finally noticed, practically snapping their head back as their mind registered the exposed area below my barely concealed fluff, in fairness my knees were about 6” apart by this point. I just burst out laughing which caught the attention of her partner who finally noticed the view. I looked at my neighbour and sighed “looks like I’ve been caught again”, the woman who caught me grinned and asked “did you lose a bet or something?”

I’d expected them to just take a look and move on but I took the opportunity to play along, sitting up a little I picked up the folded triangle of bikini and dropped it on the ground next to me, responding “yeah, if anyone noticed I have to stay like this until the tents packed away”. They were both smiling so I lay back down again with my legs slightly further apart saying “another 5 minutes sun…”. My neighbour was doubled over at this point, we talked for a while and thankfully they did not ask what the bet was over.

When It looked like they were finally about to move on I sighed “The tents not going to pack itself” and sat up, taking a quick look around to make sure there weren’t too many other people around before standing up and stretching. They started laughing again but stopped as I walked round to the tent door letting them have a clear view of my bottom as I bent over to drag my rucksack outside. I was amazed that nobody else seemed to have noticed me, over the next few minutes they pretty much saw every inch of my body as I carefully folded away the tent.

I was just about ready to go but they pointed out I should probably get dressed before leaving, so reluctantly I put my bikini back on (starting with my top) before shouldering my rucksack. I gave them a quick wave and headed off to the car. I was more than a little on edge by this point… so the bottoms quickly found their way onto the back seat, which made the long journey home rather more fun.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist