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Loose shorts at the pool

I’d been going to the same Gym for most of the winter and had to a point been quite well behaved, it is fair to say there had been surprisingly few wardrobe malfunctions. I was quite happy with my physique and the one hour morning routine of weights, swim, sauna and shower was keeping me ticking over for the return of warmer weather. Time was of the essence so I wore my sports bra and gym shorts most days for all activities, even in the sauna sadly… it was likely this part of the workout that led to the shorts becoming a little loose when swimming.

The shorts were quite wide in the leg but very comfortable for exercising, so I’m sure people got the odd quick unintentional flash when I was using the weights. I first realised the elastic was starting to fail when I almost mooned everyone climbing out the pool, on that day I stopped them falling but it really was only a matter of time from this point.

The day finally arrived when I decided to bare all, I’d experimented a little with dives into the pool when it was quiet so knew it would not take much to leave the shorts in my wake. Pausing for breath I stood on the edge then focussing all my attention on the far side of the pool dove with all the force I could muster. It was the perfect dive and having kept my legs slightly apart the shorts passed my ankles long before I needed to start kicking. I experienced feelings of euphoria, freedom and fear wash over me while I swum as quickly as possible to the other side, pretending everything was completely normal.

It had been my intention to stop at the far wall but I could hear a couple of people laughing, so instead I decided to do a flip turn so for a brief moment everyone would see my bottom rise out of the water then my fluff as I kicked back off the wall. The exertion I was putting into my swimming hopefully hid my blushes and I continued to ignore the woops that now proceeded each flip, after ten lengths of the pool it was finally time to exit. Normally I would have just pulled myself over the edge near my towel, but today I used the steps on the opposite side.

I continued to act oblivious to people laughing as I climbed out of the pool, taking time to stand by the ladder so everyone could see me clearly. I started walking around the edge of the pool towards my towel and got half way before a woman grinning from ear to ear indicated I may want to look down. I acted confused but looked down, then paused acting shocked. I stared at my exposure and counting to five in my head before finally reacting and placing a hand over my fluff and looking around panicked.

Now the towel was only about 20 steps away but after a significant pause I decided the best action was clearly to jump back into the pool. The water reached my chest but since nobody else seemed to feel like swimming around they could clearly see me standing there using both hands for cover and blushing profusely. I’d not planned this far ahead and was not entirely sure how to play things out from here…. so I asked if anyone had seen my shorts, which started everyone laughing again.

A few good-natured people volunteered to look for me, which seemed to involve an awful lot of swimming underwater and remarkably little progress. After what felt like a lifetime it was apparent that the shorts were not about to make an appearance so I waded back over to the steps and asked the kindly woman who had informed me of my predicament if she could fetch my towel for me. She jokingly said I should get it myself, but immediately wandered over to the benches and retrieved the towel for me.

On her return she asked “Do you want me to pass it down so you can cover up?” I thought for a moment and nervously responded “I’ll need it to get dry, could you just open it ready for me?”. As she opened the towel I moved towards the ladder, exposing my bottom once more as I made an attempt to climb up while keeping one hand in place. In truth I could easily have scaled the ladder without using my hands but instead chose to end up in a very awkward position with my bottom prominently displayed above the water and unable to ascend any further. I dropped back into the water to laughter. After a suitable pause, muttering the almost audible battle-cry of “sod it” I uncovered myself and charged up the ladder into the waiting towel. Wrapping it loosely around my waist I whispered “Thanks” to my helper before dashing off to the changing room as fast as my now constrained legs could take me.

Sadly, my exposure meant no sauna today but I really did need a little alone time in the showers to calm down anyway. Inevitably the story of my accident was the talk of the changing room by the time I’d finished showering and I was bombarded by a combination of good natured snarky comments and people genuinely making sure I was okay.

After I finally managed to get dressed and escape there was one more surprise, as I was about to exit the building the smiling receptionist with a wicked glint in eye commented someone had dropped a pair of shorts in the lost and found. I raised an eyebrow and just said “Really?” to which she responded “There is a rumour they might be yours…” I just sighed and held out a hand while blushing again, the receptionist laughed as she passed them over.

I could have just told her to drop them in the bin… but where else would I find a pair of shorts I could lose so easily?

Love Alice

Adventures of an Exhibitionist