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Another Camping Adventure

I’d borrowed a touring caravan from a friend who was off travelling that summer, given the option I prefer camping but it seemed a shame not to take advantage. Arriving at the campsite midweek meant I pretty much had my choice of where to park up,  so I chose a nice south facing pitch hidden away at the back.

The site felt deserted and I while I had put up a fairly tall windbreak to provide some privacy while sunbathing, I honestly needn’t have bothered.

I spent the first few days hiking through the peak district and even managed a midday skinny dip at the Mermaids pool unseen. However when I returned back to camp on Saturday the site was far more lively and there were several tents and caravans opposite mine. I spent a while chatting with the people sitting around before heading into my caravan to get changed.

It was still daylight so you could not see much through the nets covering the windows, but I pretended not to notice the stares of the group directly opposite as I stripped down to my underwear and spent a good few minutes wandering around before putting on Jeans and T-shirt to head into Buxton for the evening.

I returned to the campsite quite late and there were still a few groups sitting outside but I did not engage them in conversation this time. Instead I entered my caravan and opened the window over the door before turning on the lights, while I could no longer see much through the nets everyone would be able to see me clearly.

My first action was to put the kettle on, while it boiled I started to get undressed. First I hung my coat up in the cupboard, then after a minute I removed my t-shirt and folded it neatly before taking off my shoes. I could hear some whispering from one of the groups nearby and noticed the caravan opposite had turned its lights off. I pottered around for another few minutes while the kettle boiled before finally removing my bra to some relief.

The whispering was now quite pointed as at least one person had gone to wake up a sleeping partner.

I then engaged in what can only be considered the most English act of exhibitionism on record, made a cup of tea then drank it at the table by the window while I completed a crossword. Those paying close attention might have noticed the girls were fully enjoying their freedom  but I tried to be a nonchalant as possible.

It was starting to get late so I decided it was time to start wrapping things up for the evening.  My audience sounded quite disappointed the show was over as I threw on a long T-shirt, I then turned out the lights (which let me see how many people were watching) and grabbed the backpack with my wash kit and towel before heading to the shower block.

As I opened the door to the caravan I could hear people quickly moving back into positions that made it less obvious they had been peeping. Then just nodded in their direction as I stepped around the windbreak and hiked to my destination. The one disadvantage of being camped at the back of the site was that it was a long walk to the facilities, which really made me wish I’d thought to bring a bike.

Once I’d brushed my teeth and converted all of my loose change into hot water it was time to turn in for the night. The last decision of the evening was to decide what I’d be wearing for my return, there were still too many people around for a midnight streak but I was very much on edge… so everything but the T-Shirt and Flip-Flops went into the bag.

I enjoyed the evening breeze which seemed to pass straight through my shirt, which I let raise a little at the back… only pulling it back down as I reached my row. I’d been seen once or twice by this point but pretended not to notice, from this point I carried the pack in my hand to ensure I did not inadvertently flash anyone on the way to my caravan, that way I could have more fun over the next few days.

There were still a couple of people around but most it seemed had turned in, so as before I entered the caravan and switched on the light then casually pulled the shirt off over my head so the night-owls could see my fluff. I spent a few minutes stretching out before setting up the bed at the back of the caravan. I let them have one more full view of me as I turned out the light for the evening.

The next morning I was up by 5am and did not get dressed straight away. I made a coffee at the stove and since nobody else was about decided to enjoy my beverage outside. There was a bit of a chill in the air but I was enjoying the feel of dew laden grass beneath my feet and uninterrupted birdsong. I rested against the fence behind the caravan nervously drinking my coffee while taking in the scenery.  Once the coffee was gone I had to accept it really was a bit too cold to be outside without any clothes on and headed back inside to rectify matters.

I’d already headed out for the day before most people had even begun to stir, I had a 10 mile hike planned and hoped to be back mid-afternoon to take in the sun. Sadly being the weekend all the trails seemed to be swarming with people, and my detour to what I hoped would be an out of the way wild swimming spot turned out to be very popular indeed so being sky clad was not an option. Despite these minor set-backs it was a nice days walking and I arrived back at the campsite in good time.

Most of the groups who were still at the site near me were cooking lunch outdoors that day. Nearly all smiled as I passed, said hi or asked about the routes I’d walked, It probably took me half an hour walk the 500m from the road to my caravan. Finally behind my windbreak I had a decision to make… I’d been sunbathing nude uninterrupted for the past few days but there were now far more people around.

After some deliberation I entered the caravan dropped my daysack in the cupboard then stripped down to my underwear. A few of the people outside were stealing glances, likely wondering if the rest was coming off too. Sadly for them this was as far as I was going while visible, I set up a sunbed and table behind my windbreak poured a coke and grabbed some sunscreen.

It was just about possible to see the top of my shoulders above windbreak, so those who were paying attention could probably figure out what I was doing as I removed my underwear (tossing them into the caravan) before applying sunscreen. It felt good to be naked with so many people around, obviously I could not act on it as I lay there but my book was certainly going untouched.

I basked happily while watching the clouds and was just about ready to turn over when a sudden voice behind interrupted my meditations “Hiya, we just wondered if you’d like to join us for lu… “. I’d clearly been distracted enough not to notice her approach, I tilted my head backwards to see a woman about my age who had paused mid-sentence, she was blushing brightly and seemed unsure whether to turn and run or laugh. After pausing myself for a second I quickly responded before she had the chance to do the former, placing my hand’s strategically I laughed and said “I’d love to, but I’ll need a moment make myself presentable”.

She laughed and said “I’m sure nobody would mind, we’ve only just got the grill going so it’ll be about an hour. Wander over whenever” then after a last glance headed off behind the screen. While I believe she had been about to invite the other neighbours it seems she headed straight back to her partner manning the grill and quietly laughing whispered “Shes completely naked!”

Surprised her partner exclaimed “you’re kidding?”, to the response  “No really,  outside and not a stitch on, pretty sure she wasn’t expecting visitors either.” He laughed and said “I knew I should have done the invites”.

Teasing she said “Well you saw most of her last night anyway!”

They seemed unaware the slight breeze was carrying their voices so well and continued chatting. I was grinning in the manner of a certain Cheshire cat by this point, it sounded like they had enjoyed my show last night.

I reluctantly turned over onto my front to sun my back for a while, continuing to listen for any more surprise visitors. After a while they moved onto other topics, but eventually her partner jokingly whispered “I should wander over and ask how she wants her steak”, she responded “Other than burnt? you just want to see if she’s red everywhere”. She teased him for a while before whispering “looks like she’s still out there, go take a peek if you want”.

It did take some convincing but once he decided she was in fact serious I heard the clang of a BBQ implement hitting the grill and his partner burst out laughing. I quickly turned myself back over and poised myself. He was not as light footed as his partner and I easily heard him approach the windbreak, noting the intake of breath as he walked round.

I pretended not to notice and let him look me over, while he could not see everything since my feet were pointed south I’m sure he enjoyed the view. After a moment I heard him step back behind the screen, I thought that was it but instead he said “Sorry, the wife has an odd sense of humour and insisted I wander over to ask how you would like your steak?”

I quickly covered up as he spoke, but tilting my head back I could see he was facing away, though grinning. While now blushing myself I simply responded “I bet she had to twist your arm too!” and laughed before saying “I like my steak medium please, I was only expecting a burger so that’s a nice surprise”.  He said “Me too, erm the surprise I mean. Anyhow see you in 30” and headed back to the grill. In the background I could hear his wife struggling for breath.

I flipped back over to sun my back a little more and just in case either of my neighbours returned they could see my bottom too.  I heard him quietly say “So she’s a red everywhere then”, which I would have been if I spent too much longer out there.

With 10 minutes to go I rose from the sunbed and sneaked back into the caravan, which after the bright sun seemed incredibly dark. I pretended not to notice the wife quickly tap her husband on the shoulder and point towards me. I washed my face at the sink and made sure to face away from them for at least a little while before throwing on more suitable attire for visiting.

I was not the first guest to arrive it seems and from the odd glance I’m pretty sure it was not the first time some of them had seen me. The wife finally introduced herself as Ellie and her husband was called Chris, we chatted for a while and I have to admit he was a pretty good BBQ chef, the burnt comment was clearly far from the truth. Once most people had left Ellie commented she was jealous of my stomach and wished Chris had abs like that, it has to be said that after a week of hiking, swimming and scrambling I was on good form.

As usual the conversation eventually got around to my nudity after some faux apologies, blushing I just said I was an occasional nudist to which she commented well I couldn’t see any tan lines so you must be doing well. Laughing she said I was more than welcome to dress however I wanted, but in the more public areas of the campsite it really wasn’t an option.

That evening when things had died down I returned to my caravan and performed the same striptease with the light on. Though this time I undressed completely before pulling the long t-shirt over my head and headed off barefoot to get showered. It was much quieter on my return so I dared myself take the shirt off and walk back to my row naked. After a few minutes I placed the shirt in my bag so there would be no way to cover up if I was caught, which really set my heart racing.

It was possible to hear cars entering the site from some distance away so I was always well hidden as they passed. Though my stress levels went through the roof whenever they slowed down or the headlights lit up my hiding place. At one point I was nearly caught by an entire group heading back to their caravan, if they had been just a little quieter at that moment I would have walked straight out in front of them rather than doubling back and crouching beside a gas bottle until they passed in front of me.

It would have taken a lot of explaining if they had thought to look behind them!

When I finally reached my row I was considering using the shadows sneak back to my caravan, but there were far too many lights on for that, so reluctantly I squatted down and removed the T-shirt from my bag. I was completely on edge but made sure I did not expose myself to anyone by accident. It seemed that most of the caravans and tents around me had their lights on or people clearly sitting in the dark which I pretended not to notice,  obviously word had got around about the girl who does not know how to close the curtains.

Finally inside the caravan my knees started to feel very weak, pausing for breath I turned the lights on for the last time that evening and once more removed and folded my T-Shirt. Standing in the middle of the caravan I faced the window and reached up to fiddle with the skylight for a minute. Given how long they had waited to see me it seemed rude not to, and finally with the skylight secured I turned around and set about converting the back seats into a bed before turning the light out.

Lying back on the bed it was fun to see the lights turn out one by one as they acknowledged the show was over for the evening.

The following day was my last in the Peak District and as usual I woke up around dawn. It looked to be a beautiful day so instead of getting dressed I set about making a coffee, once more intending to drink it outside while taking in the hills. I could not help but notice that Ellie and Chris seemed to be up and about too, I recalled the conversation we had about how I love watching the sun rise in the morning.

Smiling I collected my coffee and walked out of the caravan to the fence, resting my elbows on top. It was a little colder than the previous day and I even had a few goosebumps in addition to the girls standing at attention. I was squeezing the grass between my toes and watching the clouds form around the peaks when I finally heard the sound I’d been expecting… two people trying to stealthily walk across wet grass.

I pretended not to notice, but was perfectly aware that there were only a few metres away staring at my bare behind. They stood there silently for at least 5 minutes waiting for me to turn around, I took a drink of coffee and Ellie chose that moment to break the silence commenting “you know she’s right the view really is beautiful at this time in the morning, I really didn’t expect to see the moon still out though!” and laughed. In an almost comic fashion I spat out the mouthful of coffee I had been about to swallow,

I span around and stared at them looking shocked purposely leaving everything exposed, before finally looking down and quickly covering up, spilling more of the precious coffee in the process. Ellie and Chris were dressed rather more conservatively in sensible hiking gear and both laughing. Chris spoke first “Sorry again, but we couldn’t really see the view you were talking about from the other side of the windbreak”.

Notably neither of them seemed in any mood to turn around to spare my blushes. I considered taking this as an invitation to go full nudist given they had already had a good look, but instead acted a little flustered and said ‘let me just put something on’ before quickly shuffling past them into the caravan, keeping my hands in place. It did occur as I stepped through the door that my bare bottom was now pretty much at shoulder height and only a few feet away.

Once inside I spent a little longer covered before placing the coffee cup onto the bench, knowing they would be able to see me in the mirrored door. It had been getting a little warm pressed against my fluff and the little laugh from outside confirmed they were still peeking.

I dashed to the far end of the caravan and pretended to look for my long t-shirt, shouting just a minute through the door.  After a minute I turned around to face the front of the caravan to note the shirt lying on the table, uttered and uttered ‘bugger’ under my breath.  I knew they could see me but pretended not to notice, after letting them have one  last look I covered my boobs then streaked past the open door to the table and pulled the shirt over my head.

Finally cheeks burning brightly I returned to the door and chatted with them about their plans for the day. Sadly I was not going to be able to join them as I needed to vacate the pitch by 10am, but I did invite them in so I could mark a few less known trails on their map… while of course being completely oblivious to the shirt catching around my waist.

After a short time it was time for them to go, as soon as I’d watched them head off down the track I stripped off again and enjoyed the last hour or my stay as nature intended.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist