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Asking Permission

I was spending a few days on a campsite that was only accessible by either 4×4 or a solid days hiking, the aim being to hit several nearby peaks and possibly a little wild swimming. Unfortunately on the second day I twisted my ankle so ended up stuck at a basic campsite with little to do.

After a morning hobbling on a makeshift crutch (about as much fun as it sounds) the sun finally came out so I figured a little sunbathing was in order. I changed into a bikini inside the tent then dragged my roll mat outside so I’d have something comfortable to lie on. I lay back and relaxed for an hour, before finally deciding it was time to get something to eat but could not really be bothered to cook.

The site had one small shop that opened for a couple of hours each day so I strapped up my ankle, grabbed the crutch and a little money then began the arduous trek. It took longer than I expected and as I walked in the girl behind the counter shouted “Hiya luv, we’re closing in a few min…” pausing as she turned around to see me leaning on the crutch and asked “what happened to you!”

So I explained how I’d lost my footing on some loose shale and struggled back to camp late the previous evening, she offered to keep the shop open a while longer and we chatted while I picked out something to eat. When it came to pay the bill I decided to have a little fun smiling mischievously said “I want to ask permission before I do this, but there’s hardly anyone around today and there’s not  much for me to do but read and bask in the sun… would there be any problems were I to lose the suit for a few hours? I’d like to avoid tan-lines”.

She immediately laughed and said “Sorry we’re not a nudist colony, can’t have you wandering around the site in the nud”. I hadn’t considered stripping off straight away had she agreed, though rather wished it had occurred,  however I saw this as an opening so still grinning I responded “What if lay behind my tent, I mean who would see me there?”

It seemed she was amused by the situation and asked “Have you at least got a windblock or something set up? I recall your tent is rather small”. I had to concede I did not and thought that was to be the end of it, fortunately she just smiled and said I think there’s one out back you can borrow, wait here a min.

In due course she returned carrying a windblock that easily weighed more than my tent, and commented “here we go” as she placed it on the counter. Under normal circumstances the weight would not have been a problem but it was far too heavy for me to carry on the twisted ankle. I did make an earnest attempt but nearly fell over in the process, still smiling she just picked it up and shooed me out the store saying “Looks like I best bring it over then”.

We continued chatting on the way back, noting the place was deserted. On arrival at my tent she grinned before stating ” I think everyone would have seen you behind that, especially given the direction it’s pointing!” before helping me set up the ‘modesty’ screen. I thanked her for all the help and she said “you’ve got a few hours before the other hiking groups start heading back in, I’ll send someone over to collect the block later”.

I thanked her again, smiled and said “Well, best get started”, then made to take off my bikini bottoms. I did this slowly placing a finger under each side of the bottoms by my hips, this way she could choose to watch or wave goodbye. Clearly amused she decided to stick around a while longer, making it pretty obvious I would be someone she was telling her friends about later.

So after the pause I slipped the bottoms off to reveal my fluff and quickly removed my top as well. I stretched out saying “only wearing a little less but it feels much better”. She laughed commenting “Well I had to see if the cuffs and collar matched” before noting I’d end up with some odd lines with my ankle strapped up.

I offered her a coke but she had to go commenting, “You have fun… and given the block only just about reaches your hips put the suit back on if you’re wandering about!” She gave me one last look over from top to bottom then smiled as she headed off. After a minute carefully ignoring her advice while setting things up I finally lay down on the rollmat.

The sun was not  so hot that I would burn so I spent the next few hours reading, basking and occasionally doing a mere-cat impression where I peaked over the top  to check if anyone was around before sneaking round to the front of my tent to grab a pen or another snack (rather tricky when using a crutch).

In truth I had rather hoped someone would have caught me unawares but the site was very much deserted, but eventually after a several hours as I was lost in my book a mans voice say “Hiya, Ems sent me over to collect the Windblock”. It took me a second to start answering by which point he was standing in front of the block staring down at me. At this point I was on my back, with my legs akimbo and the book raised slightly over my breasts, he was about my age and looked far more shocked than I did to say the least.

After a moment he blushed furiously and turned away appologising saying “He’d come back later”, I just laughed saying “I guess it’s too late to cover up now, wait up a minute and I’ll help you take it down”. He said okay, but kept looking the other direction so I waited an appropriate period of time and said “It’s okay I’m decent you can turn around now”, then laughed as he turned around to see me still in the same position though with the book by my side now.  He was flustered but clearly not offended, so still laughing I picked up my crutch then used it to stand up turning around in the process so my bottom would be exposed for a brief time.

Once standing I grinned and said “I’m pretty sure Ems meant for you to catch me, especially given she is currently at the end of the row doubled over with laughter”. I hobbled over to the far end of the windblock, pulling each pole out and rolling it up as I went. He just watched while Ems started wandering over.

Finally I said, “It’s too heavy for me, you’ll have to do the last bit” then went to meet my antagonist out front. “I’m guessing the hiker’s will be back soon then?”  Still laughing she responded “I hope you don’t mind but it was just too good an opportunity, this is my fiance Aaron as you can see he’s a little shy”.  Looking over my shoulder I could see he was still trying to make sense of things, and pretended not to notice it was rather obvious he had enjoyed Ems game.

I just smiled and said “Not a problem”, to which she jokingly chastised me “It’s still not a nudist camp though so it’s time for you to get dressed, especially if you’re standing in the middle of the site!” In response I sighed and moved unsteadily towards my bikini, balancing on my good leg while bending over to collect it.

To prolong things a little longer I held it in one hand while chatting with them, I reluctantly dressed when I saw the first of the hikers cresting the hills. We wrapped things up then, but Ems kindly offered to drive me back into down the next day since it was fairly obvious I would not be able to able to make it on foot.

We said out goodbyes and I retreated into my tent to ease the static that had reached a peak in the last few minutes and dress in something more appropriate for any mozzies that would soon arrive.

The following day when Em’s came to collect me she commented that she was almost disappointed to find me dressed, I laughed and said me too, then we loaded my kit into the back of the 4×4 and headed into town.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist