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Boxing Day Dip

It seems that every year the crowds for the boxing day dips get bigger and the prices they charge for taking part increase too… so this year I decided to head out a little earlier.

I arrived just before dawn and parked up behind a few seaside cottages, and apart from the frost crunching underfoot it was silent. My original plan had been to strip at the car and run straight down the beach into the water but there was a lot of driftwood washed up on the shore and it was rather chilly.

So instead I pulled on a bobble hat and quietly picked my way through the driftwood fully clothed before walking down the shoreline while I appreciated the scenery. I’d hoped to be alone but there were a couple of dog walkers ahead of me. I wandered over to chat red in the face with my breath catching in the air, it turned out they were locals and walked this route each day, commenting it was the first time in months they has seen another soul at this time.

They asked why I was here (probably noting the towel under my arm) and I said it was a tradition of mine to have quick dip in the ocean on boxing day, to ward off colds and such but it was probably a bit cold to do it today. The sun was now rising and the red sky was beautiful so I decided to let them talk me around, after a minute of negotiating I asked “Would you mind watching my clothes then, saves me finding a place to stash them?”

They agreed and asked “Wearing your suit under that coat then?” to which I responded “…sort of”.  Then standing on one foot I removed my left shoe and sock, making sure not to get sand on them then repeated the same manoeuvre on the left before rolling one sock inside the other so it would take longer to get dressed later. I then pulled my trousers down and off, giving them a quick flash of my underwear from beneath the hem of my coat.

They were both smiling so after quickly looking up and down the beach, I unzipped my coat and laid it out on the ground, before pulling my sweater off over my head making sure the t-shirt underneath it rose most of the way up before dropping back down. The T-shirt reached a little below my waist so I was for a moment still quite decent and despite the cold my cheeks were feeling quite warm.

Finally I pulled the T-shirt off over my head and stood there in bra and pants squeezing the sand between my toes. She commented “I’m pretty sure that’s not a swimming costume”, I laughed blushing and replied “well normally pick somewhere a little more deserted”, then started walking towards the ocean while rubbing my arms for warmth.

I stopped after a few steps and headed back to my pile of clothes, they asked if I was chickening out? I simply smiled and said this is a really nice bra and to be honest I’d rather not have it damaged by the saltwater. They did not seem to mind as I reached behind my back to undo the clasp, being careful to keep the other arm over my breasts as I added it to the pile.  They were laughing now as I stood in front of them shivering in my pants, commenting “Let me guess, you usually go full Russian?” I responded “…well usually”.

They seemed happy for me to go ahead so I uncovered my breasts and placed one finger either side of my remaining garment, pushing it down past my knees and let it fall to the ground. I kicked them onto the pile and stood naked in front of them, laughing that I usually only ended up with goosebumps after the swim.

Once I felt they’d had a good look  I said  “It’s probably too cold for this, but here goes” and dashed off into the water until it almost reached my bottom. I stopped for a moment to acclimatise until one them shouted “go for it”, in response I turned and waved before squatting down and pushing off into the water. The water was freezing cold and the breath went straight out of my lungs as my more sensitive parts dropped below the the water.

As came back up to the surface I swam out a little way started heading parallel to the shore,  every now and then I’d look over my shoulder to make sure my clothes would be there when I got back. It could be said that the ice cold water was invigorating but it only took a few hundred metres before my muscles started to ache, it had been my intention to swim back to where I started but I was not going to risk a muscle seizing up.

Initially the idea of having to spend longer walking along the beach appealed to me, but as I rose out of the water the slight breeze was excruciating and to make matters worse the first hundred metres or so were covered in pebbles which slowed my progress considerably.

I made no effort to cover anything up as I used my arms for balance while picking my way across the pebble beach, I was laughing a little but starting shiver quite noticeably despite my tolerance for the cold. Seeing my predicament they brought my towel over so I quickly dried off which helped a little with the chill factor.

I considered wrapping it around myself but we were almost to end of the pebbles so I placed it around my neck, the ends covering my breasts. This let me enjoy being the only one naked in the group for another few minutes while we walked back to my clothes. Once I got there it did not take long to redress, then the adventure over we went our seperate ways with me jogging ahead to warm up a bit.


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