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First time caught (ENM)

This one was sent by someone who has been reading my stories from the start, hes a few years older than myself but also part of the last generation to know what a Walkman was.


In all honesty I thought I’d been quite discreet, making sure my next door neighbours had headed out to work before stripping off to sunbathe in what I believed to be a secluded back garden.

Unfortunately it seems the tall hedge surrounding the garden only stopped me seeing out to the surrounding bungalows, but not the other way around.

I might not have known had my Walkman not stopped at just the right time allowing me to hear the start of a conversation.

First woman: “There’s a man lying there naked… ”

Second woman: “He’s out there most days, just enjoying the sun”

First woman: “Why are you not offended… we should ring the police!”

Second woman: “Oh what harm is he, besides he’s got a nice bum”

First woman: “What if your grandchildren saw him out there?”

Second woman: “They’d probably laugh, if you’re that worried I can pop round and ask him to put some shorts on, he wore them a few weeks back”

First woman: “Dont you dare!”

Now at this point I was gripped with fear at having being caught, I was not an exhibitionist and being caught was terrifying. All I could do was continue lying there, fighting the impulse to run and grateful they could not see the blush growing in my cheeks.

So for another five minutes or so I procrastinated, pretending to listen to my music while listening two the two women through the hedge.

First woman: “He’s out there every day?”

Second woman: “He is, I was washing the dishes the first time he took his shorts off, almost dropped the plate I was drying. Looked so nervous too, amazed he couldn’t hear me laughing”

First woman: “He hasn’t… ”

Second woman: “Oh god  no, he just sunbathes, walks about a little… sometimes if he’s out early I’ve seen him exercising. Probably just going through a nudist phase”

She laughed before continuing: “In a couple of minutes he’ll be turning the tape over in the Walkman, usually does the same himself”.

First woman: “…what?”

Second woman: “We can head inside for a bit if you’re really upset, but he’s not the first man you’ve seen without any clothes on”.

First woman: “I’m not going to head inside because of some pervert!”

Second woman: “Don’t be silly, it’s not like he’s jumping round corners and opening a trench coat… if anything we’re the voyeurs here. ”

Despite her words the first woman did seem to be softening, I had hoped they would have headed inside so I could make my escape but it looked like this was not going to happen. The idea of doing as she suggested was growing on me and the fear was keeping anything that could get me in trouble in check. So after a few minutes I took a deep breath and making sure I did not make eye contact arched my back upwards and looked at the tape.

Holding the Walkman in my right hand I turned over while looking at the device, I left my legs apart as usual and my thankfully flaccid member resting atop my testicles.

First woman: (Chokes slightly)

Second woman: “Shush”

Still pretending I had not heard them I turned the tape over, then pressed play while discreetly turning the volume off before laying back down on the grass facing the sun. Everything was now on display for them.

The second woman was now laughing again, the first woman simply said “you can see his willy”, seemingly flabbergasted at the idea I would be naked on the other side too.

Second woman: “Don’t know about you but I’d not seen one circumcised, looks quite neat… nice size too, not too big not too small”

First woman: “Thank you Goldilocks, must exercise quite a bit…”

Second woman (laughing): “Most mornings”

I just focused on the sun, relaxing a little but still terrified at being seen in this way. Though after a while I tension was building a little and my member was becoming a little engorged.

First woman: “Looks like he’s really enjoying the sun then”

Second woman: “It happens, I’d be more surprised if it didn’t to be honest,  he’s a young man, quite a sight to see him doing pullups with that at full mast in the first few days, generally calmed down a bit now though”

First woman: “Well I suppose it cuts down on the wash if nothing else”

I needed to distract myself so I let my head rest on one side and made as though I was starting to drift off, as my penis rolled back towards my navel.

Second woman: “Never sleeps for long but best stick around to make sure he doesn’t burn”

First woman: “Going to have an odd tan-line at this rate”

Second woman: “Would make a good sundial though”

I felt the smallest drop of pre-cum land on my stomach but thankfully they had not noticed that, or at least not commented. There was another 15 minutes or so left on the tape and I was determined to stay there till the end.

After what felt like no time at all I was almost drifting off for real but with an audible click the tape stopped drawing me out of my reverie. I reached down without thinking and brushed my penis away from my stomach before sitting up and stretching out a bit.

First woman: “Well looks like he’s awake again, what next?”

Second woman: “Shush, Let’s see”

After a few second gazing blearily around me I stood up facing them while leaving the Walkman on the ground, stretching out a few imaginary kinks in my neck… before turning around and bending at the knees to pick the device up.

I was trying to think of a way to stay naked a little longer but the blood was starting to rush to the one place I really did not want it to go, so instead I walked back towards the house via the longest route possible. It goes without saying that by the time I’d made it indoors it was fully at attention and needed dealing with as soon as possible, doing my best to continue being calm I walked through the conservatory and dashed upstairs once I could not be seen.

After I’d found release I could not believe what I’d done and for the next few hours was a bit of a nervous wreck waiting for a knock on the door. Finally I calmed down enough to relax and for the rest of the day life went back to normal.

The first real challenge came the next morning now that I knew they could see me, but given how bright and warm it was out there it would have been stranger for me not to be out there… so once the neighbours left for work I took a deep breath I stepped outside into the garden, looked around to make sure nobody was watching and casually removed my shorts to start exercising as normal.





Adventures of an Exhibitionist