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Running Skirt (1)

I have mentioned several times that I run half marathons for fun, but the running skirts I often wear for training  have never entered the conversation.

Despite their benefits in terms of reducing chaffing and managing heat they are still uncommon, though there are an increasing number of converts wearing them.

I was an early convert to the running skirt and rarely wore anything under it, apart from the obvious flashing opportunities it is also really easy to put a skirt on or take it off without having to remove your training shoes. This is even more true when you are in a hurry.

In the summer months I often trained late at night and would head off to the meadows behind a local castle. After a week or so of being on my own I decided to have a little fun and after my first lap found a place to undress and hide my clothes, I only had to remove my sports bra and skirt so I was naked in seconds.

Stepping back out onto the track I let the breeze wash over me for a while just enjoying the sounds of the evening, then certain I was on my own set off on my next lap. Running naked fills me with so much energy and I ran faster and harder than I would have clothed, especially whenever a branch snapped underfoot or a particularly large bird made a noise.

I was always a little more nervous as I passed the far end of my route as the meadow was visible from the road and more than once I would have to quickly drop to the ground as a car passed hoping they did not notice my bottom in their headlights. Whenever this happened I knew I was at least a mile from my clothes… though the only time I was really scared was when the car slowed to a stop and I ended up crawling back through the undergrowth to hide until they moved on.

I was only ever caught by accident once, I was on my 6th or 7th mile and had not been paying attention and nearly crashed head first into a couple walking along the path. I ended up stopping about a metre or so away from them completely starkers and a little stunned while debating whether to speed past or run back the way I’d came when one of the couple turned on their torch. Literally putting me in the spotlight.

She laughed and it was funny to watch the torch beam move from focusing on my boobs to my fluff, then caught herself thinking to ask “Are you okay…” it suddenly occurring to them I could have been running from something. I felt safe so still not covering up I just laughed and claimed running a lap in this fashion was a club forfeit for coming last.

I asked if they would mind turning the torch off as it was going to take a while for my night vision to return and she did so immediately, so we stood there chatting for a little while with me naked and after a minute or so them being able to see me again.

Now that I could see it was time to head off again so I said my farewells and started jogging, they waited till I was almost a metre away before turning the torch on my now rapidly departing bottom, I tried not to laugh when they did this, but they were not so reserved.

The only small issue was that my clothes were about half a mile back the other way, which meant I had about a mile and a half to go before I’d reach them… and the gate they would likely be exiting by was a way past my clothes.

So I made up my mind to try and beat them to my clothes and ran one of my best laps but it was not fast enough and in the near distance I could see their torch and once more I ended up running past them. This time I did not stop but we were all laughing as the torch illuminated everything below my neck, though my clothes were at his point only a few metres away I did not want them to know where they were hidden so I ended up running another half mile down the track before sneaking back, and making sure they had moved on.

I’d gotten into the habit of a quick skinny dip in the river before getting dressed and heading home, but figured I had better skip that tonight… then I wondered why they had been heading out in that direction so late. So I dressed quickly and headed along, sure enough they had headed out for a little midnight swim, so laughing I sat next to their clothes and whistled,  unusually I was the only one dressed as they emerged.

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