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Lockdown 2 (2020)

Like many in the UK I’ve been taking full advantage of the lock down and the truly exceptional weather. I’m very lucky to have access to a large garden, home gym and have work that can be completed from home.

Most days I would get up around 7am and spend the hour I would usually waste commuting to work out before a quick shower and a leisurely breakfast on the patio. It’s fair to say that both of my neighbours are fully aware of my nudist tendencies so I’ve not concerned myself too much about everyone being stuck at home.

I was however caught out a few times during June, around the start of the month it was to an Amazon delivery driver. I’d completely forgotten about the instructions to drop any parcels off in the garden if nobody answers the door, so I was genuinely surprised when the driver walked straight through the gate to see me basking nude.

I quickly covered up the important bits as he apologised and dashed back out of the gate still holding the parcel. Once the momentary shock had passed I tried to stop myself laughing as I ran to the gate to ask them to leave the parcel behind. I had intended to just stick my head around the corner but on the spur of the moment I thought it would be funnier to let him reach the front garden before catching him up. Sadly my husband spoiled my fun as while clearly oblivious to the doorbell had watched the scene unfold from the office and caught up with the driver before our parcel disappeared into the distance.

…so we now have a parcel drop box outside the back gate which has a new sign stating ‘Attention: Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers’.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist