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On the bus

In my early twenties I went through a phase of travelling pretty much everywhere by bus whenever possible. It was a very cheap way to travel and it let me spend some time just enjoying the scenery, something which can be a little hard if you are the one driving.

The further away from the city I went the less luxurious the transport became, on one particular route out into the country there was a 4 inch gap between the back of the rather threadbare seat and the base. This was not something I had really paid attention to until one day an old lady sitting in the seat behind tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that my skirt had caught on the seat, I looked down at my lap and it seemed fine… she then pointed out that my knickers were showing at the back.

I blushed immediately as I stood up slightly and pulled my skirt back over my bottom before thanking her. There had been at least three people in that seat but nobody had mentioned it to me and because the skirt was so light I had not felt it.

About a month later I took the same bus while wearing the same dress, this time taking care to make sure that I was properly covered up as I sat down. After about an hour a boy about my age sat down in the seat behind me and after a while we struck up a conversation to pass the time.

The bus was not in good shape so whenever it stopped or began to slow down it rattled so much that my teeth felt like they were shaking, the vibrations passing through the seat were also starting to make me feel a little bit frisky to say the least.

I was considering standing up to get something out of the overhead luggage rack and accidentally letting my skirt catch on the way down when the bus pulled into the service station. This would be the last chance I would have to stretch my legs or visit a bathroom for the next hours and a half so I went off to wander around the onsite shops for a while.

Still feeling on edge I decided to up the ante and nipped into one of the bathroom stalls, removed my pants and stashed them in my handbag. I nearly chickened out once or twice and put them back on but in the end I could see the bus was getting ready to leave so I had no option but to head back.

There were not very many people inside and the bus pulled away before I even reached my seat, once my bag was stashed in the overhead I sat down making sure the back of my skirt brushed up against the seat.

Once I patted the skirt down around my sides so nobody would be able to see from the sides I continued my conversation with the man in the seat behind, the slight catch in his voice told me that he had indeed noticed.

It was fun spending the next 15 minutes or so teasing him while pretending to be completely unaware of the situation. I would have continued till it was time to leave but a couple of less than salubrious and slightly drunk characters got on the bus at the next stop.

So to end the show I stood up letting my skirt fall back into place and pulled out a crossword puzzle from my bag in the overhead. As expected the other two men took up seats a few behind me, making rather unpleasant comments about pretty much everyone on the bus.

I spent the next hour ignoring them while finishing the puzzles with my new friend in the seat behind, I feel most people were relieved when they left. What had irritated me most was how they had spoiled my fun.

As soon as the bus pulled off I put the crossword puzzle away and let my skirt catch on the way down again, I did wonder if he would let me know this time but evidently he was either very shy or not quite a gentleman. Not that I blame him and we were both enjoying ourselves.

It was not long before we were approaching my stop, the roads were very uneven and the bus had started to go very slowly indeed. The seats were visibly shaking and the whole experience was putting me very much on edge, as the bus finally came to a halt I was trying to decide if I was going to let him see anything more than my bottom.

The decision as it turns out was actually made for me, once the bus stopped stood up letting my skirt slide down behind me and tried to pull my bag out of the overhead. It seems that at some point one of the bags straps had become caught in the cage.

I gave the bus driver a shout to so he would not drive off then climbed up onto my seat so I could see what the problem was. Though the skirt was quite modest he could clearly see straight up it as I reached over to unlatch my bag. It was tempting to ask him to help with the bag but that would have been a little cruel since it was very clear that he was enjoying the view.

So instead still standing on the seat I strapped my bag on, turned to face him then was about to use the back of the seat as a handhold to get me down when the driver shouted at me to get a move on. Since I had no desire to antagonise the person who would probably be collecting me the next day I simply jumped down and said my goodbyes as I quickly exited the coach.

Still I’m sure it was a memorable journey for him too.

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