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The New Job

While at University I supplemented my income by teaching a weights class at the local health club, it was good money and gave me free access to the gym facilities. This was the perfect job for me as I was actually getting paid to do exercise that I would be doing anyway! It was also an opportunity to buy some new clothes since my usual exercise outfit probably wouldn’t be acceptable.

Sports stores are always fun since the changing rooms usually face right out onto the floor and offer poor coverage with curtains rarely reaching the floor or closing properly, for this reason alone I tend to shop out of town so I can take advantage. My chosen outfitter was no exception to this rule so I selected several pairs of cycling shorts, sports bras and tracksuit bottoms and the least effective changing room I could find.

The curtain was attached at the top of the doorframe so you could not see over it but only just reached below my knees, it would also slide open about a ½ inch with the lightest touch. Coupled with the large mirrored wall and twelve inch stool to place your clothes on the room was almost perfect.

So I entered the room, closed the curtain behind me and sat on the stool to remove my boots, using the mirror I could see though the gap and it was obvious that some of the staff were aware of the issues with this booth and were placed to take advantage of the situation. Once I had taken off my boots I stood up brushing against the curtain opening it just a little more, then removed my shirt and folded it neatly onto the floor.

I was now topless and the sales assistants had a clear view into the booth while I spent the next few minutes trying on each of the sports bras, this was fun but I was not done yet. Once finished with the bras I stood there for a minute lightly massaging my breasts in the mirror as though the last one had been a little too tight.

Watching the audience out the corner of my eye it was obvious I now had their full attention,so I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles. I stepped out and lightly kicked the pants into the corner, leaving me stading in front of the mirror wearing nothing but a pair of ankle length socks.

This done I stretched my arms as high over my head as possible to prolong the moment then began trying on the cycling shorts. When I was finished with the last pair I removed them by squatting down as I pulled the shots down my leg, giving the sales assistants a brief flash of my bottom under the curtain.  I looked at myself again in the mirror and rearranged my hair, first that on my head then quickly ran my fingers through my pubic hair, while pretty worked up I was not ready to finish quite yet.

In a moments inspiration I sat down on the stool giving them a clear view of my lower half then bent over to pick up my t-shirt a brief flash of my chest under the curtain. I moved my legs apart as I pulled the t-shirt over my head then reached over to the far side of the cubicle for my trousers. Lifting my left foot clear of the floor allowing my audience one last clear view of my crotch I pulled the trousers on one leg at a time and slowly pulled them up before sorting out my boots.

Then I gathered the clothes to be bought and pulled open the curtain, the sales assistants had now left but there was a young man nearby knelt down by a shoe display trying to look the other way, and cover up an erection, who had clearly enjoyed the last act of my show. I walked to the counter and one of the sales assistants was there waiting to run through my order… wonderful service I might add. Once the goods were paid for I left the store and headed home as quickly as possible to relive today’s fun in a more private manner.

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