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Leaving the club

As I was approaching the end of my university course I decided to expose myself one last time at the health club and came up with what I felt was the perfect accident. The door to the ladies sauna had a device attached which would close it very quickly, occasionally towels did get caught in the door and when this happened it would stick.

Since the other members wore a swimsuit under their towels this was not really a problem as they could simply remove the towel and give the door a hard shove to release it. I however refused to wear a swimsuit creating a more interesting situation.

The problem that remained was how to get my towel to stick in the door, over several weeks I tried many solutions which all sadly failed. The first method was to starch a corner of the towel, but the sauna unstiffened it and in truth it did not look natural, the next was to try threading some wire through so it would stand out but there seemed to be no way to control in which direction the point would end up going.

In the end time was growing short so I decided to rely on a more risky if simpler solution, I would sneak a thumbtack into the rolled up part of the towel and use this to attach the towel to the doorframe before I walked out. The only drawback to this method being that I would have to wait until the sauna was empty before I could do it. Since my class was usually the last for the day not many people came into the sauna after I left and the pool was always full until the gym closed.

So each day that week I entered the sauna with a larger towel than usual, while it covered the same area it wrapped around me almost twice so it would be easier to release some to ensure it caught in the door. It was three days before my chance came and with my heart pounding I wrapped the towel around me once and ran over to the door, using the thumb tack to secure the towel to the wall. I had to be quick since if I was caught now it would be obvious what I was trying to do and there is no way I would be able to explain my way out of this one.

I steadied my heart-rate then hugging the left hand side of the frame so as not to detach the towel opened the door wide, giving it a quick flick so it would slam back quickly as I stepped out. The soft ‘thunk’ sound behind me indicated that things had worked to plan, the pool was not as full as I hoped, however one of the girls from my class was swimming towards the bottom of the pool and since nobody was heading to the sauna I decided to prolong the moment. Standing in front of the door I called out to her and started a little small talk about how she had increased her weight recently and how I would miss them when I left at the end of the month.

After chatting for 5 minutes my legs were starting to feel a little weak with the fear and anticipation of what I was going to do,  so I said “Well I better go and get changed” and as soon as she turned her head I walked away from the door hard enough for the towel to come off. It lay there on the floor behind me as I stood mid-step in front of the pool naked as the day I was born.

Pausing long enough to make sure I had an audience I squatted down so my knees covered my chest, grabbed the towel with my right hand and stood up with the towel held in front of me. The idea was to now give the door a quick shove and pull the towel out then dash to the changing room, unfortunately the door would not budge with a quick shove.

In truth I could have hit the door harder but I decided to play this out another way, were it not for the drawing pin I might have just made a run for the changing rooms. In between the laughing cat-calls I gave the door another quick shove tensing my muscles for effect but making sure not to hit it hard enough to open it. A few people had decided the fun was over and it was time to help so still holding the right hand side of the towel turned to give them a side profile and shouldered the door as hard as I could.

The door flew open and I ‘accidentally’ fell through uttering the word “oops” while pulling the towel hard enough that it was removed from the wall and landed on my right hand side. This left me on my back with my legs apart and one knee up, pretending to be a little winded. The people that had got out the pool to help arrived and I made no attempt to cover-up, they knelt down asking if I was injured to which I responded only my pride really, then pulling my legs a little further apart to give them a better view as I accepted a hand standing up.

So there I was naked in front of the whole pool just acting a little dizzy or stunned while one of the helpers was trying to cover me up (thankfully a man or they would have had less concern about trying to wrap the towel around me without touching me), were it not for the moisture from the steam it would have been very obvious how turned on I was and my nipples were so hard at this point they were almost sore.

As I stood there Sharon the gym manager came over asking if I was okay, what happened and all the usual questions. I simply stated that she should get the door fixed but I really did not want to be seen as a victim in all this or for the people in the pool to feel bad about having laughed since they now thought it was a far more serious problem.

So now covered by the towel I walked past the manager and onto the edge of the pool still acting a little dizzy, looking around people were now silent and unsure how to react. I paused there for several seconds feeling the silence I turned my head to look at the manager and said “there’s only one way I get to keep my pride”, then listened to her gasp as I removed my towel and threw it well out of any well wishers immediate reach. Naked again I faced my crowd and my best theatrical voice echoed around the pool “Ladies and gentleman, I hope you have enjoyed tonight’s entertainment but I regret to inform you that there will be no encore”, smiled then took a deep bow in front of them.

As I stood up letting them watch me a while longer there were a few laughs and some clapping, I smiled then waved as I turned away and walked slowly into the ladies changing room of the health club for the last time. Walking was very difficult at this point and I felt like I was on fire as they gazed at my form, pausing once more at the door I turned around and gave them a quick wave and a last look before going through.

The manager followed me quickly trying to make sure I was okay and assuming I had obviously hit my head, I refused an ambulance or to make an issue out of the situation. I said I just need a shower then I’ll be fine, have someone collect my towel since I don’t really think it would be a good idea to get it myself. She looked me over and said “Well there’s no bruising and nothings broken, but even if you’re not going to see a doctor I really think you need to take a few days rest… I feel really bad about all this I’ll get the door fixed first thing tomorrow; take the rest of the month off paid okay”.

She then went off to get the towel while I climbed into one of the private shower cubicles for the first time ever. Normally I wait till I get home before doing anything but today I could not wait. My hand was between my legs as soon as the door closed and I’d reached orgasm before the water hit me. Keeping quiet while doing this was killing me especially when the manager returned with the towel and was trying to keep up a conversation (“Are you okay in there? Are you sure I cannot call a doctor?”). I came again shortly after and while still really turned on I knew I had to end things here until I got home or it would start to look even more odd.

I hit myself with some cold water, which did not really help, then dried off inside the cubicle before wrapping the towel around me properly. I returned to my locker with the manager in tow and decided to have one last little bit of fun and removed the towel while talking to her, then collected my clothes from the locker. Naked again I laid my clothes out carefully on the bench while she watched not quite sure what to say then got dressed as though nothing was wrong. Then as I left shook her hand, giving her a quick hug saying “I’ve really enjoyed working here, give my best wishes to my class would you”.

Then I headed out of the changing room, out of the health club, into my car and drove home as fast as I possibly could to my fiancé… who has only recently found out what hit him that night.

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