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About Alice

About Alice,

A small update under lockdown, long enough has now passed that I can post this one… which is at least part of what happens when I get a little stir crazy. I’ve also found a few pages I had left in draft and added those to the site (fallen wall) [16/08/2021].

Who knows I may finally write about the time I convinced the manager of my independent running store to let me use the treadmill in only my running shoes.

A couple of small updates, including one short story from a long time reader… but some other news.


I’ve been writing up my experiences for a long time now, this site becoming a repository when my old haunts closed down mid 2014 or became a little toxic. 

I’m running into something of a writer’s block as most of my adventures are simply variations on a theme… and while it was fun for me to do the same thing many times with different people and locations it would probably make very repetitive reading. It also goes without saying that writing up very intense 1 minute adventures would probably not do it either.

So between now and the end of the year I intend to finish off several stories I’ve never managed to complete, edit a few more and perhaps carry out a little redesign on the site to future proof it.

[For reasons beyond my control the website seems to have been down for a little while, trying to fix things now]

Love Alice x.

I’m 36 years old 5’4”, weigh about 65 kg, can lift 90kg over my head and just about manage a full set of one handed pull-ups. In my spare time I climb cliffs, run half marathons for charity and amuse myself with a loving husband who is supportive of my hobbies if never truly understanding them.

My hair colour has changed occasionally but I naturally have Auburn hair (true dark red) which for some reason gets very dark during the winter, very pale skin which generally resists any attempt to tan and still have a few freckles.

My stories have been on many sites over the years, but when experience project deleted nearly all of my contributions it seemed like a good idea to give them a more permanent home. Sadly one or two have been lost and if by some rare chance you happen to have one of the missing stories then please let me know!

I would consider myself a nudist at heart, but as Joe and Natalie once said there is a difference between naked and nekid and the latter is certainly more fun.

Strangely, perhaps, I often prefer to be seen naked by women or couples because they usually find it funnier and the reactions of their partners not quite knowing how to handle the situation makes it more enjoyable for me, as a rule I only expose myself where it will be appreciated and unsurprisingly a woman without clothes is welcome almost everywhere… I feel privileged to have grown up pre-mobile phone generation as otherwise I shudder to think how many photos there would be of me out there.

I am thinking of adding a link section, if anyone can recommend links to similar sites please let me know (https://enf-cmnf.com/) is often rather good.

Love Alice.


General theme of the website can be summarised as:

CFNF, ENF, Exhibitionist, Public Nudity, Accidental Nudity, OON

47 thoughts on “About Alice”

  1. Read about you on Experience, and I am curious. I have quite exhibitionistic myself, in a nice way.

  2. Hi. Planning on posting anything new? I’m always checking back! Your stories are awesome. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch, hopefully work will die down a bit soon so I can finish off some stories and write new ones.

      I took full advantage of the mini-heatwave last weekend so there is one new story for you to read now.

      1. Wow I haven’t checked back on my comment since I left it and I happen to check back today and it looks like you JUST answered. Thanks for answering, you’re the best! hah!

        I wish I could have some of the same kind of fun, but it’s not as cool when you’re male, and in the southern U.S. If you’re ever adding to the site, maybe do an interview post where you answer questions from your readers? Just a random thought!

        Keep up the good work!

  3. Alice, I really, really love your stories. I think they are great and exciting. Please keep writing stories, you have a really good life.

    1. Thanks Angel, someone is attacking the site at the moment but once things get back to normal I have a lots more to upload! I have to admit I do have a good life and I intend to take full advantage of it.

  4. Hi Alice, thank you for sharing your stories. I Love them and they are inspiring me to try out some public nudity. X

    1. What can I say its my favourite hobby, everyone should try it at least once… especially with the weather we have had today!

      I spent today at Julies helping her harvest and resow the vegetable garden, I stayed fully clothed for at least 20 minutes before her neighbour appeared over the fence.

      It actually took her a moment to recognise me with my clothes on, stating their surprise I was able to reply that I’d ran out of sunscreen and had hoped to borrow some from Julie, who it turned out had left hers behind in Madagascar.

      The neighbour smiled and offered me some factor 30, which was perfect so I waited for her to return before undressing in front of her and her husband (who had mysteriously appeared), then spent a good 5 minutes making sure I was covered from head to toe in sunscreen.

      Julie complained that I was there to help with the garden rather than sunbathing, so grudgingly I said my thanks and returned to the vegetable plot wearing nothing but a wide brimmed sun hat.

      The neighbours decided it was the perfect time to have a quiet drink on the raised part of their patio. We spent the whole afternoon out there and I made sure to reapply the sunscreen every hour, especially when the neighbours guest for the day arrived (someone who had apparently not believed it when the neighbours told them Julie had a nude gardener with her today).

      So its been a really good day, I have a whole fridge full of fresh vegetables and was watched by a complete stranger whose explanation of surprise on seeing my naked bottom poking up from the Marrows really made my day.

      Love Alice.

  5. I love your stories. I hope, at 61, that I would by now have developed the confidence to encourage and openly enjoy your exhibition should I ever be lucky enough to experience it. Which university were you at, Newcastle?

  6. Hi Alice, I have started to go out knickerless and in shortish skirts. That’s all I have the courage for at the moment. I do find it a massive turn on though. X

  7. Hi Alice, I have enjoyed reading all your experiences. As a slightly shy male nudist/exhibitionist, I find it difficult to strike a balance. While walking along nudist beaches gives me no stress now, mixed beaches can be a challenge. We went to Carabassi beach near Alicante last year and it was a different experience. We arrived at the far, quiet end and I immediately saw a nudist couple walking, so stripped off and went straight into the sea as I was very hot from the walk. After 5 minutes in the sea, the couple had disappeared and everybody else on the beach was fully clothed, including a lot of walkers. I waited for a quietish moment and walked back up and put my shorts on, feeling a little flustered. It turned out that 5 minutes walk towards the centre of the beach was the nudist section, where 2/3 were naked or topless, so I stripped again there and felt fine, although there were lots of textiles walking past, I could pick my moment to go to in the sea.

    That night in bed naked with no cover, I though to myself what a challenge it would be to walk along the beach like that couple, (although my wife is shyer than me and would only strip to her bottoms on mixed beaches and wouldn’t walk along unless clothed). I asked my wife what she thought, and she said it was Ok. The thought made me excited and scared, I thought about it most of the night. The next day on arriving at the far end, the beach was even busier, and I bottled the challenge. However, I waited until a lull in the textile walkers and walked from one end of the nudist section to the other, which was Ok, but of course on the way back, the walkers had appeared again in number, and my cheeks red as the lone nudist as I tried to give them at least a few yards berth. I wish I wasn’t so shy as it was unlikely I would be giving offence in such a place, I only saw one other man walking along the beach naked, in the nude section in the three times we went there. Reading your experiences has made me think how it is never easy to do such things, but it is enjoyable in a strange way which I can’t explain. Well done for being braver than me.

  8. Hi Alice, Greetings from “across the pond.” “You are such a delightful story teller and a fun exhibitionist.
    naked joel

  9. Love to read your stories, and it’s really great to read more of your exploits. There’s not much opportunity here in the West Country for naturism, let alone exhibitionism, so it’s really nice to enjoy your freedom by proxy, so to speak.

  10. Delighted to have stumbled across your web-site whilst looking for information on naturist spas etc. At 58 I am seriously considering taking the plunge and getting naked! Wish me luck.

    1. It was one of those things I always considered trying, it would have been easy to pass it off as a cruel joke from my platonic life partner Julie.

  11. Hi Alice. Just found your site. Love your ENF stories. Have you ever thought of staging a fake fight with a girlfriend and having her strip you naked in public? That would be awesome to see.

    1. We have considered it in the past, the problem being that Julie would not be able to stop herself from laughing… and I am visibly a lot stronger than any of my other friends who are in on the joke. The closest we have managed is to push me out of a store or pool changing room starkers, acting distressed under those circumstances is far more fun.

  12. Hi Alice:

    I stumbled upon your site today. I am the author of the novel The “Volunteer” about a girl who has to go naked in public at her university for two months as part of a sociology experiment. It’s a first person narrative from the girl’s point of view. I drew a lot on my own experiences when I wrote it. I have been a nude model for art classes for over three decades, and I have also gone nude at several public events, most notably Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. I am enjoying your stories…

    1. I loved your book! Just finished it recently on Kindle. Very well written! Absolutely reminds me of the stories I’ve read on here which I also enjoy a great deal!

  13. Hi Alice, it’s one year on from my previous bottled challenge, and I’m back on the same Carabassi mixed beach in the middle of the nudist section. I’m taking less notice of the many clothed walkers/gawkers constantly coming past. All I need is a “friend” to accompany my streak and I am confident I can make the 5 minute walk to the end.
    After some time, my “friend” arrives in the shape of an older man, wearing only a backpack, and walking along nonchalantly. Stealing myself and controlling my breathing, it’s now or never, so I follow the about 10 paces behind the confident stranger. There are lots of people walking along, all dressed at least in swimwear and my heart is racing, but at least I have a fellow streaker, much better than going alone.
    We arrive at the end of the beach, a fairly quiet, spacious area, and to my surprise my “friend”, instead of turning around and walking back, produces a pair of shorts from his backpack and heads off back towards the path to the car park.
    Swimming, wading waste deep, or walking are my options now, and there a perhaps 100 walkers to pass to get back to the safety of my clothes, but I choose the last option. I have never felt more exposed or out of place while naked before, looking back I don’t know how I did it as a shy person. It felt like walking down a high street naked, or one of those dreams where you are the OON.
    I did my walk of shame again that day, alone, and another 5 or 6 times on the holiday. Did it get easier each time? Not really, especially when the coastal police turned up on boat one time, (thankfully, I wasn’t arrested, but the female officer did have a good look). It always felt alien to be the odd one out.

  14. Hi Alice,

    I really love all the stuff I find here! Great work, great collection.

    Since you wrote you were looking for similar sites to yours I thought I’d drop a note that I very recently started one myself, much like yours, with my own stories.

    Of course, your little place here was my inspiration. I hope you don’t mind. To give credit where credit is due I made sure there is a link going back to your place.

    In any case, if you’re interested here is the link:
    There is not much there yet, but I hope to have more stories out there soon.

    – Seraph

  15. Hey Alice, Greetings from “across the pond.” I hope that you are well and happy. I have been the subject of a song about my naturist activities on our block. My neighbor wrote it. She and her twin sister belong to a music group called “The Sadie Hawkins String Band.” The song is entitled “The Naturalist” (I know…it should be “Naturist”). Anyway, it is on their CD and was a finalist in a nation-wide song-writing contest. It is a fun song and I feel very honored to be the inspiration for it.
    It is very cold with snow showers today. I can’t wait for warm, more nudist-friendly weather.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy “nude”
    year. I am looking forward to reading about your “accidental”

  16. Enjoyed your delightful latest campsite adventure! I’m sure that you were the highlight of Chris and Ellie’s vacation. Keep “pushing the envelope.” World Naked Gardening Day is May 6th.
    Any gardening adventures planned?

  17. Your stories and adventures are great and it makes me sad to hear it is coming to an end. If you must stop posting your stories here I want to at least say thank you for these great collection of stories. I will miss you very much Alice.
    Much love,
    Nude angel

  18. All of your adventures seem so light-hearted and delightful. I was wondering if you ever felt that you ever truly offended anyone or
    if you ever really regretted any incidents?
    I will truly miss your stories. I would hope you would reconsider
    and keep writing. I have never found your work to be the least bit
    tedious or repetitive. Thank you so much for these stories and the enjoyment they have brought to me and countless others.
    Continue to be naked and unashamed.

    1. The only incident I really regret is not paying attention to the currents on a moonlight swim in my early twenties, rather than panic I just swam with the current but ended up emerging naked at a campsite about half a mile from my clothes on the wrong side of the river.

      Cue an exhausted two mile barefoot hike via the nearest bridge and village as the sun was starting the rise. Definitely type 2 fun but I made sure not to do that again.

      People very rarely take offence to my nudity as I nearly always have some semi-plausible deniability, but the ones who stand out are:

      A female hotel owner in Spain who berated me at the poolside for skinny dipping in their pool (while I stood there covering up the important bits in front).

      A hypocrite who was quite happy and chatted with me while I was naked on a balcony in Greece, then complained to the manager (who thankfully said I could spend my entire holiday naked if I wanted, but did want to make me aware).

      Someone who complained to a campsite that the shadowshow from my tent left nothing to the imagination (her husband didn’t mind!), the owner just made me aware that the flysheet was not opaque at night.

      The funniest one was a woman who had inadvertently walked onto a nude beach with her teenage children and felt compelled to have a rant at me (who in fairness was the only one naked at the time). I was trying not to laugh then after five minutes informed her of the nature of the beach and asked why she was still clothed.

      Usually though I am careful and avoid situations where people are likely to be offended.

    1. One day I will find the time, I have a few experiences from the lockdown I’d like to type up at some point.

  19. Hi Alice, as a fellow exhibitionist I’ve only recently stumbled on your site and its brilliantly written stories. I’ve read every single one of them!

    What amazes me is that you’re practically my female equivalent through everything from the origins of your exhibitionism, the early nervousness and gradually pushing the boundaries of your challenges.

    As a man I believe it’s more difficult to explore one’s exhibitionist urges in the same way as a woman. Whilst I’m still fairly young, good looking and have a slim athletic build which I’d like to think at some would appreciate seeing fully, I do realise that I’d be more likely to get into trouble than a woman if I push things too far.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few brief tales of mine?

    My origins and first experiences revolve around communal showers here in the UK. At my school virtually no one dared to shower naked unless the teacher spotted you trying to sneak in with underwear still on. There was, however, one exception to that.

    I still vividly remember looking in awe at my very well endowed classmate as he boldly walked through the changing rooms and showered without a stitch on. Everyone was transfixed by his large member and thick dark bush, but as guys it was hardly spoken about. I know this episode triggered something in me and I remember thinking how exhilarating it must be to show yourself off naked like that.

    Like you Alice, it took me some time before I was brave enough to act on these feelings, particularly as I was one of only a couple of guys who were circumcised so I knew I was a significant outlier despite being well endowed myself . On top of this I guess I’m a bit of an introvert and usually not very outgoing. No one would ever have expected to see me go naked in the showers, but I guess it’s always the quiet ones you’ve got to look out for.

    My first opportunity to act on my exhibitionist tendencies came when I was ‘accidentally’ caught by the teacher wearing my underwear heading to the showers and was told to take a proper shower. I’d been hoping to get caught for some time as it gave me the perfect alibi to get naked and led to me stripping off and feeling excited yet incredibly nervous before I eventually dropped my towel and turned the corner entering the row of open communal showers completely naked in front of dozens of my peers who were all still partially clothed.

    I remember the thrill of being the only one naked on this occasion and feeling proud for the first time of my different looking penis as everyone got to admire it. I was certainly no jock in my school year and to that point I’d only ever been teased about my penis, but funnily enough, once everyone had had the chance to observe my package the teasing stopped and was replaced by more positive comments about my size.

    A few years later, and keen for a new challenge, I dared myself to walk to the showers completely naked through the men’s changing rooms at the local swimming pool without a towel as backup. As I turned the corner and came into view of the showers I was immediately facing half a dozen other young men who were showering whilst still in their shorts and I just stood still in front of them waiting for a space to become available.

    It was great to observe their reactions as I stood there. Any talking stopped and there was obvious shock and blatant staring in some cases as I stood proud and naked in front of them for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was likely only 30 seconds.

    In my mid-twenties I arranged the first of many visits to a local nudist club, and whilst I obviously wasn’t the only one naked, it felt so liberating to be able to strip-off and be outside displaying myself fully to everyone over a full day, especially as I was the clear outlier. Not only was I by far the youngest person there, but I also owned the only circumcised model and full natural dark ‘fluff’ (in fact I was the only one with any semblance of pubic hair). It felt great to appear so different to everyone else and assume the role of ‘young stud’ in front of so many middle age couples.

    My first time on a nude beach abroad happened in my early 30’s. I particularly enjoyed the thrill of pushing myself to be brave enough to walk a long way along the shoreline making sure I passed as many clothed walkers as I could. Well, they chose to walk along a nude beach so I was only too happy to give them a young, athletic nude specimen to look at.

    I was particularly thrilled when an attractive mother and her equally attractive teenage daughter stopped me to ask if the beach led to the next town. How incredible it felt to be able to stand in a CFNM situation talking to them (and they obviously knew where the beach led to). And I got a further surprise when I saw them later that evening at the dinner buffet and realised they were staying in the same hotel.

    I made a point of ensuring I coincidentally crossed paths with them by the salad bar and casually said “hi, did you enjoy your walk?” They looked at me a little sheepishly as we made small talk, particularly the daughter who turned beetroot red. It it felt so empowering to know that as we spoke to each other in our casual evening attire that they were surely visualising how I looked naked underneath.

    I have many other stories over the years but thanks for allowing me to share these to go with your amazing tales.

    I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of your readers in saying we’d love to read more of your tales.

    1. Life is very busy but I’ll get back to writing one day, it’s fair to say I spent most of the first lockdown unburdened by clothing and was most upset when we finally had to start doing zoom meetings for work.

  20. For the last ten years my girlfriend Angie and I have spent three weeks camping in Croatia. We found two great camp sites and have used those same sites every year. The first ten days we spend at a small (c200) naturist camp site with a good sandy beach, and for the rest we camp on a larger (c2000 campers) textile site. Our pitch at the second site is about 20 metres away from the sea.

    The first time we were there, we had been so used to the enjoyment of skinny dipping at the first camp site, we didn’t want to stop! We set the alarm for 7 am the next morning and took the short walk to the sea just wearing towels, leaving them on the small jetty and then diving into the wonderfully refreshing water. There are open-air showers next to the sea and after swimming for 10-15 minutes we used them to rinse off the salty water. This has become our routine every morning, a refreshing start to the day!

    There are a few other early morning swimmers and others just getting up for their breakfasts or walking along between the sea and the tents and caravans. Sometimes we chat to them when we get out; nobody seems embarrassed. Occasionally a couple of others have also swum naked, maybe encouraged by us.

    The last few years we’ve been getting up a bit later, when a few more people are about, and we swim and shower naked as late as 9 am. We don’t bother so much now about covering ourselves with towels while walking to and from the sea. Over the years we’ve met a lot of campers who are there at the same time as us each year. Some of them say they wish they had the courage that we have! The toilet/shower block is about 150 metres away and if I need to use it in the early hours I sometimes walk there naked.

    Because of Covid we missed last year, so we are really looking forward to this year’s holiday!

    Living as we do in Munich, we don’t find skinny dipping so unusual. There is a public open air pool complex which has a separate naturist pool and sunbathing area, and there are various areas in the city parks where naked sunbathing/swimming is allowed.

  21. Only just noticed you’d posted again. So pleased that you have, and yet sad I didn’t notice at the time in order to thank you at a better moment. Love your writing, and hope you get the chance again. Xxx

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