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Sports Store

About 6 months ago I started teaching gym classes again to supplement my income, sadly within my schools catchment area which limited what I could get up to.

The club is in a very nice area and the people who come there are genuinely looking to work out, this also means that I needed to look the part and my usual exercise clothing would probably not be suitable (though perhaps nude aerobics would pay better).

When Julie heard that I was going shopping she insisted on joining me, this is one of the few areas where she is a true girly girl and can spend hours trying on seemingly identical outfits to the point where I start to show some empathy for my own long suffering partner.

We arrived pretty late, the car-park was all but deserted and most of the stores were starting to close down. I knew we had at least an hour until my favourite sports shop closed which seemed like plenty of time. I saw the training shoes I wanted as soon as I walked through the door but waiting for the assistant to find them in my size took nearly 30 minutes, during this time I had at least managed to find some suitable running pants.

By the time I had changed into the shoes and pants then tested them on the treadmill only 15 minutes remained to sort out the last item on the list (I could not have planned it better).

I also needed some new sports bras, while I don’t have much to bounce there’s still enough that I want some support for the girls. The store offered far too many to make a quick decision, and even by only selecting those that were designed to be worn without anything over the top I had 5-6 to choose from.

I took the first one into the changing room, stripped to the waist then put on the first sports-bra and headed back to the treadmill. Despite being a large shop they only have 1 single cubicle changing room right at the back of the store so it took me nearly 5 minutes to get back. A minute of fast running on the treadmill clearly demonstrated that it was too loose, so back I went with the second… time was running out and this one felt too tight.

With the clock ticking I decided to have some fun and make sure I had the time needed to get the right gear, so I said to the sale advisor “I know it’s not long till the shop closes and there’s only you two around, can I just change here?” Julie of course was grinning at this point but the guy looked around the store and said it would be okay, permission granted I turned around and pulled the bra off over my head.

While there is no CCTV in the store there are mirrors everywhere so even though my back was turned it was impossible for them not to be able to watch no matter where they looked. Even though I was as business like as possible he was able to have a good look, though as a matter of professionalism he did ask his female associate to help while he discretely disappeared behind the counter.

So I tried on each of the bra’s in turn while the salesman enjoyed the show, by the last one I was not even bothering to turn away anymore and the salesman’s pants were looking a little tight to say the least. There was a small trampoline next to the treadmill so I decided to go for broke, I explained that I would be teaching aerobics which meant I would be jumping around a lot… would it be possible to have a quick go?

Even though it was now well past closing the girl was clearly having fun with her slightly insane customer so she agreed, I took off the sixth sports bra and asked Julie for the fourth one. In true style she kept me waiting while she tried to remember which one it was; as soon as she handed it over I pulled it on then tried bouncing on the trampoline.

It was good fun and everything was staying where it should, the salesman was watching my chest very closely despite it being covered up for now. This final test complete I agreed that was everything I needed and asked the salesgirl to get me another of the bras, “Julie whispered I just can’t take you anywhere” so I smiled and decided to push things a little further.

Once the salesgirl returned I took off the sports-bra I was wearing and making no attempt to cover up we quickly went through everything I would be buying. Once the shoes were mentioned I knelt down, untied the laces, took them off and stood there naked from the waist up in my bare feet.

Next we said the three pairs of tracksuit bottoms, one of which I was wearing so I hitched my thumbs under the band of my pants. The salesgirl quickly said she could find some more on the shelf for me, but I just dismissed things by saying “You’ve stayed back nearly half an hour, nobodies going to come in the store now, I really appreciate it and don’t want to keep you guys any longer” and pulled the tracksuit bottoms down, I had considered pulling my pants down with them but instead let them come down just a little to ‘moon’ the guy behind the counter.

“Besides I wear more than this on the beach”, I laughed as I handed them over. While both of the sales assistants had become accustomed to me being topless this surprised both of them. I casually and rather quickly pulled the back of my pants up and standing there in only my knickers asked Julie if she would go and pay (using my card of course).

Julie took the salesgirl over to the counter as I pretended to head to the changing room, as soon as they were a few steps away I took a quick look around (the salesman was still watching) then decided to have another quick go on the trampoline while watching in the mirror since I would never get another chance. Then I walked off to the changing room making sure not to cover up.

The changing room faced out onto the floor and the salesman had moved to the other side of the room watch me walk there so I decided to have a last little bit of fun. Leaving the door open I pretended I could not see him and took off my pants then dropped them on the floor. Standing there completely exposed my heart was really pounding now, I patted myself down with the towel I brought even through my exertions on the treadmill had not been enough to really raise a sweat.

I had been riding on adrenaline the past 20 minutes so my knees were starting to feel a little weak and I was feeling very aroused… and I remembered that I still needed a water bottle.

So still naked I walked back out onto the floor, I could see the water-bottles were all behind the counter and the girl was still ringing through my purchases, I walked behind a low counter to hide my fluff and shouted over to Julie that I needed a water bottle as well. I could hear the sales advisor had moved to one of the rows behind me so he could see my bottom in clear view.

Julie of course shouted which one and encouraged me to come over and pick it, I decided against doing this and was about to shout over what I wanted to the girl when the salesman asked me what sort of bottle I would like. He waved to the girl and she returned to ringing through the purchases while I turned to face the advisor and pretending everything was completely normal (even my face was glowing… possibly more than his now), I walked over and told him what I was after.

He agreed to run down and get one for me so I took the opportunity to have a sit down on one of the stations for trying on shoes. Looking at myself in the mirrors (I can be very narcissistic at times) and seeing how this game was effecting me I decided it was time to end it and quickly dashed to the changing rooms and put my clothes back on as quickly as possible. Id just finished getting changed when he brought the bottle back to make sure it was the right one, then said while grinning “I keep expecting the cameras appear at any moment, I don’t think they will though…”.

I just smiled back, “Oh I’m just having a little fun, my husband won’t know what hit him”. The salesman clearly understood what I meant by mentioning the husband and simply said “Well I won’t be complaining about working overtime for once” and laughed as he headed back to the counter.

I gave him a minute then gathered my belongings and joined Julie by the counter, everything was rang up so we said our goodbyes and headed home. It turns out the girl had knocked 20% off the price and a few freebies had been thrown in the bag, so sometimes it pays to be a little crazy.

Had I wanted I could probably have walked back to the car without having got changed since everyone else had gone home and there was only one car left in the park. Julie was still laughing and did not talk much since she could see I was still a little distracted.

It took an hour till we reached home but Julie had an idea what my intentions were, so she dropped me off and after a quick hug agreed to meet me at the weekend for drinks. I carried my bags inside and left them at the door, walked into the sitting room then all but leaped onto my husband. Astute as ever he said with a raised eyebrow “I saw Julies car, what have you been doing?”, new job and shopping was all he received by way of explanation but he did not seem to mind too much.

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