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No public nudity

I am eternally grateful to beaches where they have those wonderful little signs saying something to the effect of  ‘No Public Nudity’; Whenever I see them a little switch goes off in my head that says challenge accepted. The first time I took advantage of such a sign was almost on a whim, it was quite early in the morning and I could see a young couple heading the other way on an otherwise deserted beach.

My intention had been to go swimming so I’d left the hotel in flip flops and a substantial bikini covered by a light sundress, in short I looked like a respectable patron of the beach. I could feel the weight of my camera in its bag and since they seemed like nice people I wandered over to chat. After a short time I turned the conversation round to topic of the sign and asked if it was common problem in the area, it turned out that while neither of them had ever seen any nude bathers in the area there were always rumours of people skinny dipping. They seemed to find the idea funny which was the reaction I’d hoped for, pausing for a moment as though thinking deeply I sheepishly asked if they could help me out with a little cheesecake photo to send my husband as a souvenir.

The girls partner did not know what to say but she agreed immediately, still acting shy I said I was wearing my bikini underneath my dress so my idea was to take the dress off then stand behind the sign with my arms over my chest so I looked nude. So we all walked a little way in front of sign and I rolled the towel out onto the ground then placed my bag and flip flops on top of it. Then turned away from the coupled and slowly pulled my dress off over my head, by the time it dropped to the towel I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I started to blush furiously.

While I was now wearing entirely appropriate attire for the beach it was fun to be under such scrutiny and feeling as though performing a very slow striptease for the couple. I have always been grateful for blushing so easily since it makes the outcome of my hobby far more believable. After a deep breath I turned around smiling and knelt on the ground while searching through the bag for my camera, while I don’t have much my bikini did a very nice job of enhancing my cleavage which her partner seemed to be taking every opportunity to scrutinize.

Finally the camera was ready and after the usual 30 second tutorial on taking a picture I dashed behind the sign, pulled the straps over my shoulder and stood with crossed arms over my chest. Before she could take the picture I asked if they could see any of the bikini top, this of course led to several minutes of fiddling with the straps trying to keep the top on but make it invisible… thanks to my fumbling of course this was to be a fruitless task.

Since I could see she was becoming just a little bored with game I said “I know”, turned away from the couple and pulled the top off, covering my boobs with one arm before turning back around. Grinning from ear to ear I asked “How about now?” whilst holding the top in my free hand. She started laughing again so I quickly dashed over to the towel and dropped it onto the pile then returned to my position keeping my arm in place throughout.

I spent another few minutes trying different poses, all the while ensuring at no point did I reveal much more than I had wearing the bikini top. We finally settled on one hand covering each boob, with my fingers only just covering the nipples and acting in a fashion that both lifted and separated. It was a wonderful cheesecake pose and I was blushing and trying not to laugh while waiting for her to take the picture, when she said “Move a little to the right I can still see your bikini just below the sign”.

I had not expected to take things any further than giving them a quick topless flash when I went to collect my clothes but I decided to play along for the fun of it. Following her instructions I shuffled to the right a little at a time until she indicated for me to stop, this placed my middle directly behind one of the posts holding the sign up. This would have covered me perfectly if the sign had been just a tiny bit wider. We played at adjusting my position for a little before she said “If we take it there its only a little bit so I’m sure he won’t notice”, since there was still nobody else on the beach I replied “I have an idea… would you be okay with it?”

Unsurprisingly she had absolutely no problem but did ask if I wanted her partner to turn around for a moment to spare my modesty (clearly teasing him but she managed to deliver it with a straight face), it was tempting to say yes just to increase his frustration a little but instead I simply smiled and turned away from them once more (accidentally moving just a little further to the right at the same time) then covering both boobs with one arm I continued my burlesque act by bending my knees slightly while slowly inching my bikini bottom down a little at a time on each side to prolong the experience.

It is often said that girls cannot whistle but I assure you many happen to know a few at least a few bars of a rather popular song from a movie called ‘The Sting’. Once the bottoms were half way down my bottom I stopped for a moment to stop myself laughing and jokingly request she stopped whistling. She did indeed stop whistling and started laughing again my bare bottom briefly dipped below the sign, at which point I straightened allowing my last stitch of clothing to fall harmlessly to the ground.

Stepping out of the bikini I lifted it to my hand using my foot, then waving the bottoms above my head I turned around and asked if they could still see the bikini behind the sign. To which her perfect response was “Just a little to the left” since it appeared I had unfortunately not quite managed to place myself behind the post on turning around. I quickly dropped my free hand over my fluff and scooted back into position laughing. Covered once more I raised my hand and looked at the bottoms held there and then the towel in a slightly confused fashion, giving the impression I might be about to repeat the earlier towel run, but after a moment of hesitation I threw them to the towel so the sign could protect my modesty.

It really was a perfect moment as I stood naked on a public beach in front of an appreciative audience while remarkably covering more flesh than the bikini would have. In addition to blushing I could now feel the goose bumps raised from the sea breeze and was very aware of the more tender parts of my anatomy pressed against my arms. I stood in this position for at least a minute waiting for my camerawoman to stop laughing enough to take a steady shot. Once she was ready I continued my burlesque act and placed my left hand over the right, then very slowly move my right hand over to my other breast, which caused me to take a very deep intake of breath as I was rather sensitive by now.

I adopted our agreed pose from earlier and let her play the left and right game for a little while so her partner who was now sitting on the ground could see a little more of what was hidden. In between laughing she would take the photos and we tried a few different poses. My favourite had me standing on tip toes with my legs a good 15” apart and my fluff only just covered by the sign, I purposely micromanaged that one to tease so her partner did not get the full frontal he was clearly hoping for having suggested the idea.

After 15 minutes or so I believe we had finally exhausted every Boots friendly possibility of me standing in front of the sign and I had managed to keep the girls covered throughout. She then had the idea that I could stand with one half of my bottom to the right of the sign. At this point I would have agreed to almost anything so adopted the damsel in distress mode and turned around (still despite everything managing a pretty convincing impression of trying to keep things covered up) then gingerly inched towards the edge of the sign until she said stop and we took a few more shots with half of my bottom on display.

I did rather like this idea so I did the same again but on the left hand side then moved back to the middle behind the sign with my hands covering all. Making sure he was positioned directly in front of me I turned around again and asked her to take a shot in 20 slow seconds then turned around so my bottom was facing them once more. I knew he would be able to see my bare bottom peaking out under the middle of the sign and it became even more visible as I slowly moved my legs apart till they were almost touching the posts on either side of the sign, as the seconds counted down I finally threw my arms out adopting a full star pose for a brief moment until I heard the click, for the first time fully exposing my front to the deserted beach. Before my audience had a chance to change positions I moved my hands back into place and turned around again.

I’m sure he wasn’t too disappointed at not seeing the girls since from his sitting position he probably had a good view of everything else. I was edging quite badly at this point but still wanted to play so I started to up the ante a little further and stepped out from behind the sign in distress mode and had a few shots of me standing to the left and right of the ‘No Public Nudity’. She then asked if I would turn around so we could take the same shots but from behind to which I dutifully agreed, though ensured I kept the front covered.

He was clearly enjoying my bare bottom dashing around in front of him as I went from one side to the other to the other (have to get the lighting just right) so his partner suggested I we take some pictures with me covering up the ‘No’ part of the sign. So as instructed I moved myself into position in drank in the scene of them watching my every move while we lined up the next shot, then I turned around so it was my bottom covering the appropriate part of the sign.  After 2 more clicks there were sadly no more, we had been playing for at least half an hour and clearly exhausted the camera.

I think we were all disappointed but it really was time to start moving on, so with my front still covered I walked slowly towards them and while less than a metre away thanked them both for helping. At this point I was nervously deciding how to finish my burlesque when she finally asked “Can I please take a photo otherwise nobody will ever believe us!” at first I was reticent since I am  generally very careful about such things but I was pretty far gone by that point, but she could see my hesitation and said how about if I make sure your face isn’t showing and slowly talked me into letting them take a picture of me facing the sign while covering up the “No” with my right arm stretched wide.

This was new territory for me but I really was enjoying their company so I turned away from them and after pausing for a while to gird myself (and let him have a much closer look at my bottom) I moved into position. True to her word there was a single click and she came straight over to show me the results, it was fantastic shot and only my closest friends could have identified me. Once she was sure I was happy the camera went back into her pocket and we walked back to the towel.

I’d decided that in return for the giving them the photo I was going to tease him mercilessly, facing them with my hands in position while smiling I stated clearly that it was time for me to get dressed. Her partner clearly thought he was finally going to see my everything up close and it was delightful to watch his already dilated unblinking eyes open wider coupled with a rapid intake of breath as I slowly started to move my hands away then hold them in position just on the cusp of revelation… only say “a girl has to have some secrets” and turned away from the couple towards the towel.

It goes without saying she found this hilarious and he was rather stunned as I squatted down with my knees together. After I had held this position for a few moments I moved the hand covering my fluff away as my legs now kept everything hidden, picked up the Sundress and pulled it over my head. In a practiced fashion I snuck my arms though the short sleeves and slowly stood up letting it fall down my body as my knees moved away. The entire process took less than half a minute and I had managed to complete my act without them having an uncovered full frontal view of my nudity.

Now dressed I turned around once more and it would be nice to say I managed this with some decorum but I was trying to stop myself from doubling over with laughter like she was, he just looked so disappointed and at the same time clearly fixated on my now very prominent nipples poking against the dress fabric.  While keeping as straight a face as possible I said “Oh come, you’ve already seen everything” to which he had no intelligible response.

Since he had already seen my fluff I decided to tease him some more and with my legs slightly apart slowly lifted the front of my dress just a little till it was just where it would reveal one of my more interesting features. Given that I was standing less than a meter in front of his seated position he could probably see more than I thought but it was clear he desperately wanted to see more. I paused here saying “I’m sure you must be bored of it by now” then started to lower my dress once again. He finally responded “how could I possibly be bored” I looked over at his partner to make sure she was okay with me teasing and she nodded an okay then silently moved over to sit next to him while taking hold of his hand.

I lifted my dress again, this time an inch higher and asked “is this what you wanted to see?” to which he nodded and staring, I stood there unmoving barring the slight trembling of my knees,  she looked at him then turned to me grinned as she said “higher!”. So I lifted the dress another inch and it was starting to become rather difficult for me to breathe, she let me hold that pose for another age before meeting my eyes again and once more said “higher”. My dress was now just below my hips and my state of arousal very clear, I managed to say “I think that everything…” as they both inspected me closely and I waited for her to say higher once more and this time rose the dress to just above my naval and held my position.

They were clearly both as turned on as I was, at this point she asked me to turn around and once more I complied with faltering steps waiting for a short time until turning back placing my legs slightly further apart. In this duration they had changed position for a better view and were a little closer. Once I caught my breath she once more uttered the word higher and I raised it until the sundress reached the base of my rib cage. She looked me in the eye, reached over and placed her hand on my knee which was almost enough to make them buckle as I let out a short squeak, giving into the pressure I moved my legs further apart. Once she was satisfied she removed her hand and left me standing there with my vagina now completely exposed. It was taking all of my control to stay upright at this point and after a minute she grinned and once more asked me to turn around, she waited until I had stopped shaking before placing a hand on my knee once more to indicate I should move my legs apart.

I stood in that position for some time completely on the edge until she said “bend over”, by this point I was willing to go along with almost anything and holding the sundress tightly under my bust I slowly leant forward. Normally holding such a pose would have been easy but as I felt the cheeks of my bottom move apart and the light breeze pass over my newly exposed flesh I ended up biting my lip to stop myself from shouting out. From this position it was possible to watch my audience from between my legs as they sat there lightly petting each other. She waited until my legs were visibly trembling before asking me to turn around. I straightened up and turned to face them once more still holding the sundress in place. As before I was asked to move the dress higher and did so, but only until the very base of my breasts could be seen.

When she asked me to raise it higher I did not respond, my hands were shivering a little and while looking me in the eyes she reached over and lightly stroked the inside of my thigh just above the knee, and while grinning asked me to lift it higher again. My breath was trembling as I allowed her to continue but did not lift my dress any further in response she moved her fingers a little higher and I did not object. I could however see a dog walker in the distance, I’m not sure how much they could see but they were getting closer and I should have stopped things there and then, instead I let her mover stroke higher once more.

By now the walker could clearly see me standing almost naked in front of two seated people with my dress raised, though not stopping he was openly staring as they slowly passed. Seeing I was a little distracted the stroking stopped for a moment, as she turned her head to see the problem and commented we better cover you up and softly placed her hand over my fluff, I had not been watching her and the pressure was almost enough to bring me to my knees. With her hand in this position she asked me to life my dress higher, I honestly didn’t have the strength so when I did not respond she stroked my fluff lightly, letting her fingers run through my hair then closing her fingers gave it the gentlest of pulls which caused me to dip for a moment in the same direction and give a short moan that I am pretty sure the walker heard clearly.

I straightened up again, the walker had stopped completely now but was keeping his distance. On seeing this she released my fluff and traced one finger slowly along the crease of my lips pausing just before the point where it would start to head between my thighs and asked me to lift my dress higher again. Once more I held firm and in turn she continued to move her finger backwards as I whimpered quietly, with two fingers now pressing into the side of my labia she asked again and looking directly at my audience I simply held the dress tighter as she slid the fingers inside me and held them there with her thumb placed front and centre. Since there was now clearly no more higher possible she moved her thumb slowly and I let out another gasp before biting my teeth hard as she started to bring me over the edge.

All I could see was the two male members watching as was slowly fingered by my grinning accomplice, occasionally she would pull lower her fingers then push them sharply upwards making shout out and stand on the balls of my feet. It did not long but I could finally feel myself beginning to climax and felt the muscles inside me clasp around her fingers, she suddenly stopped moving her thumb and asked me to lift my dress higher once more. By this point I was bent slightly forward and struggling to draw breath, though could still just about acknowledge that despite standing there with my legs apart and her two fingers inside of me they still wanted to see what was under the dress. I tried to hold out but as she pressed down harder with her thumb and kept it there, which was enough to make me stand up straight very quickly and finally bring me to climax. As wave after wave of emotion flooded through me I finally pulled the dress over my breasts while staring at the sky.

As my muscles started to relax again she slowly pulled her fingers away leaving my standing there panting with my dress held just below my chin. I released one of my hands from the dress and seeing my exhaustion she took it as I stiltedly lowered myself to sit on the towel in front of them with my legs wide apart, letting the dress fall once more below my breasts the feel of the fabric causing me to gasp again.

After a minute the dog walker decided the show was over and continued his walk while looking back over his shoulder every few steps. After a short time I looked around and there was still nobody else on the beach and I was feeling a second wind, the couple were arm in arm as they watched me panting while propped up… waiting until the dog walker looked back again I finally pulled the dress off completely and dropped it on the towel.

Then propped myself up using both arms, spreading my legs a little wider so I was completely open and smiled at them while waiting for my heartbeat to slow down just a little. None of us spoke a word, once the dog walker had moved on I was ready to go again and with my feet only inches away from their knees they really did have a front seat show. I spent the next few minutes bringing myself to climax in front of them again arching my back as I finally reached orgasm, during this time she had reached inside his trousers and was clearly bringing him to peak as well. I collapsed to the towel at this point now completely exhausted both physically and emotionally, having lay there in silence for several minutes I finally started to pull together enough to think about covering up.

There were now several people visible at the very edges of the beach though still far enough away they would not have really been able to see me lying there. After an aborted attempt to sit up, they both stood up and reached out a hand to help me, I had only intended to sit up but accepted their offer and was gently pulled to my feet. Still a little wobbly I leaned forward and gave them both a hug while waiting to gain control of my legs. People were getting closer now so I finally took a step back while smiling so they could have a final look at me then put my bikini back on top first. Once my dress was back on and the towel rolled up there really wasn’t anything else to say we just stood there smiling at each other and it seemed natural as we walked away in opposite directions. They no doubt to discreetly deal with the damp patch on the front of his trousers and I to remove the sundress once more and not so much swim as let the sea water cool me down and wash away the sweat of the past hours adventures.

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  1. WOW! An ENF story with a lez finger bang climax! If you have any other stories posted, I would really enjoy reading them!

      1. WOW! great stories!
        Can we see some of the pictures as well to get the actual feeling of what you where experiencing??

        Thank you!

        Love your stories

  2. This is perhaps the greatest story I’ve ever read… It was so satisfying in many ways. Just wow….

    1. Thanks Robert,
      It’s the one I like best too, I keep meaning to submit it to a few websites so even if something happens to this little page it will still be around.

  3. Oh my! I’ve just discovered your site and have been transfixed by your stories. This is the hottest one yet. I had to adjust my seat a few time while reading this. Although I must say, with your writing style, it would be sexy if you were discussing differential equations. Thanks for all your effort.

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