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Fallen Wall

At the time I was living in a one bedroom flat with my husband,  it had no garden and there were few places locally I could work on my tan. While it was only a temporary measure (a year at most) I was getting frustrated and was complaining about the situation to one of my friends on an increasingly rare night out.

We were both a little drunk at the time and on hearing me complain about tan lines she laughed and said “Why not come visit us after work tomorrow? I’m sure Dave would be happy to see you again”. They had both seen me naked pretty much anytime we camped near a river so it seemed like a good plan.

By the next morning I’d almost forgotten but she sent me a quick email asking if I was coming over after work, it only took a moments consideration and a brief look at the weather forecast before I agreed. This of course left me on edge pretty much the whole day and I spent most of the last few hours staring at the clock, its fair to say I was probably the first person out the carpark.

So after a short drive I arrived at Leia’s and knocked on the door, and waited, but annoyingly there was no answer. It seemed a shame to waste the glorious weather but sunbathing on her front lawn in view of the whole street would probably have been frowned upon (if only for potential traffic accidents).

I waited for at least 10 minutes before getting bored and while there was no direct access to the back garden I noted it would be possible to quickly climb up onto the garage and drop down onto the other side. Unfortunately a long skirt and kitten heels are not best suited for climbing. While I could probably have flipped my legs round I did not want to risk damaging the skirt so I dropped back down to the ground and deliberated for a few more minutes.

This would have been so much easier had I thought to wear a bikini under my clothes.

Since there was still no sign of Leia and as far as I could tell no twitching curtains I decided to take a little risk. I walked as casually as possible back to my car and sat there for a few moments to make sure nobody was watching then slipped off my shoes and placed them in the passenger stairwell next to my bag, then after another quick check the skirt followed. I looked up and down the street again to make sure the coast was clear and just as I was about to open the car door a couple appeared at the other end of the street.

My heart was thumping in my chest but I grabbed a book from the back seat and pretended to read it until they had passed. If they did look I hope they just assumed I had a very short skirt on, I waited until they had turned the corner and made my move dashed to the garage the car making a rather loud bleeping as it locked. After one last quick look around I threw my car keys onto the garage roof then climbed up after them flashing my pants at anyone who happened to be looking. After one last quick look around to make sure nobody was about to ring the police I walked to the other side of garage and dropped down into the garden, to see she had thoughtfully laid out a sun-lounger ready for me.

Her garden was quite small but beautiful and very secluded, with the wall which backed onto the local park being quite high to say the least.

I had spent most of the day thinking about how I would undress for the evening, be it a quick striptease in the garden, leaving my clothes in one of the bathrooms and heading out wrapped in a towel or starting in my underwear and letting Leia convince me Dave had seen it all before anyway. Instead I simply chose to undress as quickly as possible and enjoy the freedom of basking in the sun skyclad.

Given it took the best part of an hour for my friend to arrive it was probably just as well, she came out into the garden and laughed saying “I see you’ve made yourself at home then… though clearly did not get the message about the key I’d left for you next door”. I just laughed and said I should probably go collect it to which Leia responded “don’t you dare!”

I spent the next few hours sunbathing and enjoying an impromptu BBQ with them on the patio (her husband having come home from work earlier than usual for some reason). When it came time to leave I’d completely forgotten all about leaving my skirt and shoes in the car, Leia volunteered to collect them for me likely fearing I’d streak the neighbours on the way out.

She also gave me a key and said to give her a text before coming over but I’d be welcome to join them anytime I wanted. During the next few weeks I would pop over for an hours tanning after work whenever possible and quickly got into the routine of letting myself in and leaving my clothes on the ground by the sun lounger they left out for me. Sometimes they would join me outside and at least once a week I brought food or drink with me to repay the favour. 

It would likely have continued in this fashion throughout the summer were it not for what has come to be known as the incident and the story Leia will tell to anyone who will listen once she has a few drinks in her. On one particularly warm day I pulled up onto her driveway and let myself in as usual having checked the usual confirmation text in advance. I wandered next to the sunbed and exhausted from the days work quickly undressed placing my clothes on the ground, then spent a good few minutes making sure I’d applied sunscreen. 

In a bit of a daze I finally stretched out on the lounger facing the back of the garden almost in a half sleep as the sun caressed my body. It took me a couple of minutes before my brain kicked in to let me know something was not quite right in that I could see rather more of the horizon than usual. Slightly confused I slowly raised my head and realised I could see a lot more of the horizon and the trunks of the trees rather than just their tops. 

At this point I was still lying there on my raised platform with my legs wide apart and finally noticed several patrons of the park who had also recognised the wall was no longer there. I was genuinely stunned and one of the group waved once they realised I had finally noticed them, while my clothes were right next to the lounger I did not think to cover up and instead jumped off the lounger and dashed back into the house. I could hear the group laughing as I sped through the door and dropped behind the kitchen counters and out of sight.

After a minute or two once I’d controlled my breathing I peeked over the top of the counters and through the window, it seems the crowd was still milling around and chatting, possibly hoping for a repeat performance (pointing when they noticed me again). I crawled on my hands and knees across the kitchen floor towards the phone and quickly called Leia “Hiya… have to ask, what happened to the garden wall?”, she was clearly confused and asked what I was talking about, which led to me explaining how I had just performed a striptease for the entire neighbourhood. She was now dealing with two very conflicting emotions of whether to laugh at the situation or stress over the seemingly missing wall (which I was in no position to give any more information on) and said she’d be back as soon as possible. 

I shuffled back to my spot by the counter and looked out of the window again, though a few people had moved on there were clearly two or three people around and I really wanted to get my clothes back, but there was nothing in the kitchen to cover up with and inevitably the back door was still wide open… after a few minutes I decided to steel myself and covering the important bits in front I dashed out into the adjoining passage and let them see my bottom once more as I ran to the shelves under the stairs to retrieve the largest towel I could find, flashing them briefly as I wrapped it around me.  

Suitably covered I shuffled out genuinely red in the face and pretending not to notice everyone watching and squatted down discretely and picked up my clothes. I looked over nervously as I stood up with the clothing held close to my chest the towel was a little loose having squatted down so I decided to have one last little mishap on my terms, flashing everything below the waist before turning tail and running back into the house.

Once Leia had returned home I was suitably dressed and still red in the face, which led to the first time of her asking if I was okay (she knows me of old but this was an unusual situation), before we both headed out into the garden to look at the wall that had fallen during the day. Thankfully nobody had been hurt and now Leia was thinking of other consequences and said “I bet they thought it was me!”, on this score I could at least offer some assurance given she is a foot taller than myself, with short brown hair and as I pointed out rather more obvious differences above the waist. 

In the end rebuilding the wall took the rest of the summer and while I occasionally stopped by in a bikini the weather had turned for the worse by the time it was complete. Leia bumped into several of her neighbourhood friends over the next few days who all wanted to know who was sunbathing in her garden, they could clearly tell it was not her.

Apparently as I started taking off my underwear they had tried to catch my attention by waving, but I was completely oblivious and had even spent a minute stretching while only wearing my bra before finally removing my last item of clothing and carefully organising the pile. If nothing else it was clear this was an accidental show and I’d been lying there for at least 20 minutes before my brain kicked in. It seemed they were too embarrassed to walk into the garden and let me know I could be seen… but happy to wave over a few friends to watch too. 

The story of my striptease and exposure becomes more detailed every time she tells it, but now the wall is back I am still welcome to sunbathe there anytime I am passing and I always take full advantage. 


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