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Lockdown 1 (2020)

It’s been an interesting year so far and it’s fair to say that from the very moment I was put on Furlough I have enjoyed one of the best summers at home ever. As always I am very lucky to have a home gym, a good-sized garden and neighbours who are quite used to seeing me out there without a stitch on… which is pretty much how I could be found most days throughout the lockdown.

Despite these advantages, I was starting to get a little stir-crazy by the end of the first week and desperately wanted to go swimming.

That evening once I felt most people would have gone to bed I threw on my running kit and headed out, the husband commenting it was the first time I’d bothered getting dressed that week.

However, on reaching the river it seemed everyone else had the same idea of sneaking out for a midnight run which meant a moonlight swim was not on the cards. I headed home a little frustrated, but noted the further I went from the town there were far fewer people around… and no cars.

While it was getting late I did not have to worry about being up early for work the following day so I ran further along the path for another 30 minutes until I found the fallen tree I was looking for. This is a spot I often visit for a little wild swimming at the weekend, though usually clothed.

I knew I was alone but it was still thrilling to walk along the tree and stand over the river exposed in almost every direction. After standing still for a minute or two listening for any indication I may not be alone I slowly undressed feeling the cool air of the evening prickle my skin.

My first thought was to just jump in leaving my clothes out there on the tree, but a little bit of common sense prevailed so I picked everything up and walked back down the path to hide them somewhere safe… before running all the way back and cannonballing into the river.

It was freezing but I felt free and the sensations were overpowering after a week trapped at home!

I swam up and down the river for the best part of an hour, occasionally climbing out to walk around on the banks. It is fair to say I was no longer being cautious regards who might see me, which is probably why the police helicopter took me rather by surprise. Having swam for quite long enough I’d decided a little moonlight walk to my clothes would be the perfect way to finish the evening, instead I found myself pressed as close to the nearby trees as possible observing the path of the spotlight heading down the river and hoping not to be seen.

My paranoia went into overdrive at this point as I held my breath waiting for them to pass, once I thought it was gone I ran down the path as fast as possible while barefoot. It seemed to wait until I reached an open part of the riverbank before turning around and coming back the other way, with nowhere to coverup I chose to quickly clamber over the fence into the farmers field and hide there until it had passed again. I’d started to relax a little more right up until the point a light went on in the distant farmhouse with someone clearly at the window, so the adrenaline kicked in again and I pretty much dived back over the fence and dashed the last few minutes to my clothes.

Once I found myself in relative safety the few small twinges and scrapes really started to make themselves knowns as my adrenaline levels started to fall. I quickly got dressed and brushed off as much of the dirt as possible before scrambling up the bank to head back home as the helicopter passed once more.

This time I did not need to cover up in quite the same way but I was still worried about having been caught out in quarantine and chose to keep running along the bank, the light lit me up for a short while before they decided to move back to the river. My night vision was now completely gone so I had to walk until it returned but as soon possible I sprinted back home taking every detour possible and jumping at every police car I could see in the distance… wondering just how bad things had gotten.

On hearing my story the hubby tried not to laugh as he could see I was quite distressed over the situation, but he was able to assuage my fears quite easily. It turned out one of the old dears having become quite bored of the whole situation had gone AWOL from the local retirement home, it turned out they had decided to visit some friends without telling anyone but the police were not to know that and the last piece of information indicated they had been seen walking along the river the previous evening.

Definitely type 2 fun to say the least but it was almost a fortnight before I dared step foot outside my front-door outside the allocated times… but I certainly made the best of being stuck at home until then.

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