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The Gym

My introduction to the health club was very brief. In fact it involved little more than being pointed to the studio and given a list of the facilities, which included single sex saunas that were reached through the changing room.  My classes are always hard work and anyone who thinks they can come in to lift little pink weights is sadly mistaken, I often start my lesson by juggling 4 of them to show how pointless they are.

There was a mixed group of men and women for my class (about 1:3 which is normal), to say the least the men appreciated my sports-bra and cycle shorts ensemble which while perfectly respectable left nothing to the imagination. By the end of the lesson everyone was soaked in sweat and I discovered that during stretches the shorts became a little see through, not really showing anything but the colour of my skin but still a cheap thrill.

Since I only taught the one class that day it was time to hit the showers, if one thing was obvious it was that this was not a naked changing room. The girls hid beneath their towels and queued to use the cubicles rather than the open showers, usually instructors do not use the changing rooms anyway but I decided to have some fun.

The first thing I did was strip off as quickly as possible and stored my clothes in my locker while the rest of my class was just starting to change, and kept my towel rolled up in my hand while I walked around making small talk and asking people what they thought of the class. Most of the class were casting quick looks at me, just curiosity in terms of is she a natural red-head, how big are her boobs, does she have any imperfections and possibly I wish I looked like that. While my breasts are quite small I have a really good runner’s body with well defined muscles and everything is in proportion, I’m not perfect but love the few scars I have. People always wonder what their teachers look like naked and I just give them the chance to find out.

Acting as though it was completely natural (which it is really) I then walked past the queues to the open showers, got washed, dried and walked back to get changed. I was done showing off for the day so I put my shoes on (still naked) then pulled a dress over my head and went home. It’s fun to be naked in situations where everyone should be but no-one else is.

I did the same at the end of each day and it was always fun when I had new members to my class so I could stand there naked in front of them asking what they thought of the class and what they hoped to get out of it. Always making it look not as though I was showing off but simply that it did not occur to me this was not the way most people acted at this club.

Once before a holiday I had a Brazilian wax which drew a lot of stares from class-members who had grown use to seeing my auburn bush each week. Without that padding the cycling shorts also gave me quite the camel toe during the class which was fun but not comfortable.

3 thoughts on “The Gym”

  1. Hi Alice,

    Wonderful stories so far! I’ve started at the start and I can’t stop reading! At this one I’d like to take a milestone break to comment since you mentioned cameltoe for the first time in all your stories.

    It made me wonder in many situations, if women displaying a cameltoe experienced this as a form of exhibitionism?

    I’m particularly wondering this since there’s a girl in her early twenties working for 2 years now at the office I’m at that seems to take a fancy in displaying such.

    At first I thought it was a form of wardrobe malfunction, but it happens again and again, mainly because the girl wears 90% of the time super slimfit clothing. I will admit she has the body for it, she’s being a gymnastic in her free time.

    You will not hear me complain of course, and the girl is super professional in what she does. It just strikes me that whenever I need to go talk to her, she often just casually puts her hand on her waist, shifts her weight and suddenly your realise your eyes got distracted and spotted a nice cameltoe.

    I’m sorry to drop this in just like that. The thought just crossed my mind. 🙂

    1. I know I’m usually quite aware of both how much of and how I am showing myself… so chances are she is having a little fun to pass the time in the office.

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